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New technology in 2015

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The Ancient Technology Centre has developed a unique program of hands on learning for children of all ages. We believe that children should explore their sur…

47 Responses to New technology in 2015

  • Creed Diskenth says:

    people have no idea that most of this, is used today

  • Aston Nicholls says:

    Yep it’s basically 2015 and there’s absolutely nothing like that released
    to the public yet. 

  • DeathsTheGame says:

    I think a lot of this could be done within 2015, but the price would make
    among the issues. We currently have some lvl of this, 2010 i guess there
    was a transparent monitor, currently we have the google glass and kinect.
    But to this extent It will be a long time and I bet it will not even turn
    out like this.

  • Garrett Randolph says:

    I love how people think in 2011 we would get that far we got 1 year left
    and we are not even close

  • Pickle Tickler™ says:

    WoW. If people actually think this is technology in 2015 they are retarded.

  • sinan baldemir says:

    teknoji her zaman hatta her an yenileniyor 2015 yeniliklerini video halinde

  • Aquila pomarina says:

    I don’t think things will get to the point they showed in this video before
    2018 or 2019 and even then only rich people could get those see-through
    electronics shit.

  • 김민지 says:

    this is so fake!!! this thing could at least like 2020

  • zoriusth says:

    2020 for most except the paper, then 2030-2035… maybe if it were plastic
    I could see it sooner but paper doubtful

  • GabarasDead98 says:

    Better start working technology industry, you have until at least December
    31 2014 to do this.

  • Duncan McManus says:

    2015 technology in 240p !

  • Louis Berk says:

    Yes… but where is the power source?

  • monnwnw mopo says:

    i say 2016, and now i know why cameron is waiting with avatar2.

  • Rhino Gaming says:

    At first it would only be available to wealthy people but as time goes on
    it could be affordable to the average citizen… 

  • Braiden Thornton says:

    It’s 2014 and the technology is nowhere near that

  • WWE WEE says:

    Is might happen 2015 or 2016 but i like it to happen in 2020.

  • Rhino Gaming says:


  • patricksudbury says:

    More like 2020 because people have figured out a way to have a clear
    plastic screen, pretty thin too. The people who made it said it could be
    used in businesses by 2017. But they haven’t figured out to interact with
    it like a tough screen yet. So I think a few years of engineering after
    that will make technology like that be around by 2020. But then again, I
    don’t think this will reach North or South America until 2030 something.
    Japan will probably have this before anyone else.

  • Sombiniaina Rakotoarisoa says:

    Nice but i think it will be a little bit dificult to master it because it’s
    in 3D world now,and no more plate like phones or tablet or computer

  • Toto To says:
  • Johnny Utah says:

    What about the flying skateboard’s and the shoe’s that auto lace

  • Gabriella Condemi says:

    for blind people nothing will change ?!

  • Udrakan Morturim says:

    It would be amazing to have a technology that would allow you to project
    interface anywhere. On any table, chair, paper, wall, anywhere and it would
    be interactive. Like you could open your browser on the street, on ground,
    wall, anywhere.

  • hassan jaffri says:

    N we r getting these things now in one smart fone

  • The Kepler Telescope Channel says:

    Ancient Technology – The Most Advanced Technology we know – Rediscovered in
    modern times

  • The Kepler Telescope Channel says:

    Ancient Technology – The Most Advanced Technology we know – Rediscovered in
    modern times

  • hub cap says:

    If for one second you believe this ancient knowledge is being
    hidden….YOUR RIGHT !. But if you believe its being covered up by a local
    or federal government….YOUR WRONG. The power structure behind the cover
    up goes much higher to those that control most governments
    globally…otherwise known as the illuminati. They are wicked and are the
    powers behind the new world order. They also believe that satan is the true
    God and are ushering in the world government as the predecessor for his
    “Beast” system. Theyre ultimate goal is to destroy Christianity and enslave
    the population that remains after the massive natural disasters that are to
    befall the entire planet have wiped most of us out. Jesus said that in the
    end times it will be the mountains that aren’t even near the sea that will
    hold back the waters as every mountain and every island is moved….(not
    just a magnetic pole shift but an entire flipping of the planet) during a
    global earthquake that will knock down every tall building and kill
    billions….”wo to those who live near the sea”

  • Naimul Haq says:

    Lord Vasudeva Vishnu’s three steps, of creation, preservation and
    destruction, is a representation both on physical and philosophical level
    of the mysteries of our existence and evolution, was the supreme god of the
    Jadu people of ancient Dwaraka.
    He allocates what you are to do for evolution (KARMA), and having done so
    with honesty, dedication etc., is the only way you can please Vishnu and
    yourself and live a self-satisfying life.This is the Sanatan religion of
    the Jadu people, Who under Prithu and Krishna, prospered and multiplied and
    spread all over India.
    Much later ,after the fall of Harappa, centralAsian tribe, Scythians,
    Haihaya, Yue Chi, Parsi, Turki etc., entered India and defeated the Jadu in
    the battle of Kurukhetra (1200 bc ), and replaced Sanatan dharma with
    Hinduism (Parsi coinage) through the theatrics of Ramayana.
    The Bengali people, a distant branch of the Jadu people, still preserves
    the Sanatan, and are not considered proper Hindus.

  • stilettosandshades says:

    Dammit! I watched this already! I’m sure this was a lot of work, but can
    you make another one? Please? I really liked the ‘lone explorer’ vibe
    with the length of a documentary. Now you just need a whip and a fedora

  • max maxima says:

    I feel sorry for that Cremo guy, at his age and completely deceived…
    Listen to him full of reverence for Krishna who’s nothing but a fallen
    angel masquerading as a god. The guy’s actually believing that a fallen
    angels is the head of the forces of good in the universe… And their
    progeny the nephilim, waging super advanced technological warfare just as
    the bible warns us describing them as hybrids ‘men of old, men of
    renown…’ This whole thing?… Anything but forces of good. 

  • Geert Wilders says:

    What about giants like golliath india got those stories 2 even footprints.
    I recently made the connection between giants and megliths need more points
    to prove it right. I´m just a random dude connecting dots no hate.

  • Peter Grenader says:

    He said it right… this is starting to sound fishy. Please think for a
    second and understand the process involved with producing the enriched
    uranium/plutonium required to make atomic bombs. I don’t care how many
    slaves a civilization had, unless their combined strength could produce the
    energy required to generate the magnetic field capable of pullings nails
    out of walls at 200 feet (hint: they didn’t) and sustain that for three
    weeks, or knowledge of the alloys required to incase a bomb… this
    nuclear weapon idea is preposterous. 

  • Scott Bunnell says:

    +GHARA DEATHENIAN sure….there’s nothing wrong at all. Everyone is fed
    well, there’s no war and there is no disease. Everyone lives by a good and
    Godly code and there’s no corruption at all. Everyone has equal wealth and
    the Earth has never been a better place to live. There’s no polution or
    genocide and our world leaders are always keeping our best interests in
    mind and tell us the truth about everything. Everything is just fine and
    dandy. Sooooooo happy. Happy happy happy world

  • ShadeyBladey says:

    Absolute cock and bull. “Ancient Technologies”, my arse.

  • Phil Harris says:

    The truth of our human history is slowly coming to light, thanks to great
    men like you. Thanks for your research and never let anyone stop you from
    learning more. Liked and subscribed.

  • Felicia Pate says:

    I got to look at an upclose pic of the hieroglyphs showing helicopter and
    submarine once. The glyphs look like different ones that have been layered
    over each other. The submarine looks like a hand (which is a hieroglyph
    for something) with another glyph added to it. *I don’t know* if that’s
    just because that was the easiest way for the carvers to do this but I’ve
    heard that the ancients used to repurpose some of their works.

  • ShadeyBladey says:

    You cannot carbon-date rocks, you imbecile.

  • rogierrainbow says:

    i sugest that the goverment actualy found this vimana in the sea and stoped
    searching and even became silent about it aspecting no one to ask about the
    findings and questioned if they probably found this crashed vimana,or
    other technology al does tis high tec history doesn’t sound strange for
    india beleves.

  • Tor Hal says:

    Hello everyone, I woke tonight around at 4, we have all heard of large
    structures in the form of temples pyramids and stones set isammen with such
    precision that one almost begins to wonder whether the grayling laser and
    stone presses to put this togethter.
    We have read about and seen stones so large that they weigh up to 200
    metric tons, about pyramids that can be powerstations and statues so
    massive that from 1000 to 1600 tonnes.
    Anyway, we know that certain cultures had not machines technology or tools
    to produce and set up such structures.
    Egyptians decorated pyramids and was built up its culture around an ancient
    culture in and around amongst other pyramids that stood before they
    arrived, they decorated them and built them if they built them from the
    ground up, many are beginning to be takers at this now .
    Incas and Mayans had an extremely relative to the culture that it seems
    almost manic at me with human sacrifice worship of gods not a god but gods
    which they themselves said, the return of Hunab Ku and Ix Chell his wife, I
    have not yet seen any evidence that south America Indians behaved buildings
    them selves.
    Dt is only natural to think that when new people come to a place where it
    is listed massive stone structures from before that they do this to their
    own as Egyptians did, they lived there for many years and we also know that
    people, attitudes and culture change over many years so therefore they
    disappeared again into the jungle as described then reappear, So we now see
    over all the earth, such as the image my own Viking culture, we now more of
    eyes to come from Asia, possible China or Mongolia, which in Lom stick
    Church where Viking god Odin is depicted as a man from China, and Viking
    ships really reminds Chinese vessels.
    Also take a look at the Philippines, The people we see there now was not
    the first but Aetas which really reminds Aborigines, others human races we
    find further south on islands where is also called Aetas but reminds me
    more about Arrawack Indians with coarser Negroid monkey mimetic faces 1
    meter to 1.2 meters.
    Mere we must become aware of the Cape colored Africans who left ligneres
    more like a mix between Polynesians and South Americans / black Africans.
    Man has walked on Earth for a long time now and mingled with each other
    some breeds are extinct while others have resurrected, all that remains of
    past cultures and bygone times bygverk as pyramids Nazcar lines, and other
    strange rock structures that Stonehenge Peruvian stone structures and much
    else hidden under water and in overgrown jungles.

    Will the old Symerian tablets tell us everything, no i dont think so, but i
    sure know 1 thing: we are not alone.

  • 1s&0s says:

    You couldn’t handle the truth!!>>>><<<<

  • Ted Hart says:

    “All things are in the mind of man ; all the past as well as all the
    – Joseph Conrad. “The Heart of Darkness”

  • Ranases says:

    It’s a sad fact that each human only have 100 years to live if we’re lucky.
    The first 25 years of one’s life spent learning the basic and the next 50
    spent in search of true knowledge, but it’s hard to come by. Forget the
    last 25 years, mental faculty is no longer viable. Most people, however
    just happy to live and die without knowing anything.

  • Ted Hart says:

    This sounds like a fantasy world ! Flying people ? Submerged cities ?
    Vanished surveys ? Forbidden investigations ?
    Where is National Geographic ???

  • Maxx Kroes says:

    What a load of bull, only speculation and old stories.

  • Andy Jackson says:

    Pooh…nothing like following people and using their finds to pretend your
    knowledgeable… Dick head… Get a life. Peeps who fund this. 

  • Terncote says:

    Just because the astronomical events of 3067 correspond ones described in
    the scriptures, it does not mean that all other events described are
    historical fact any more than the mention of Caesar in the Bible proves
    that the resurrection occurred.

  • Laura Steinberg says:

    I think you know the answer. It is because they are aliens. This is what is
    trying to be kept hidden. This is why Kennedy was killed. He wanted to
    “out” the information. This is why they have so much knowledge of the stars
    and planets ect.

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