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Next Future Terrifying Technology #Mind Blow (Full Documentary)

Technology can excite and delight, but of course it can devastate and destroy too. Many of the technologies we take for granted are spin-offs from military p…
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David Sereda will present shocking evidence of Reverse Engineered UFO technology with new material from Lockheed Martin Senior Scientist Boyd Bushman, Break-…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to Next Future Terrifying Technology #Mind Blow (Full Documentary)

  • Dᴀʀʟᴜʀ Nᴀᴍsɪʟʟ says:

    Everyone should have one of those autonomous drones, a bit bigger so a
    family could sit in it and it could automatically take you to cities. All
    roads would dissapear and we’d just fly in between cities, not even having
    to control the vechile just sit back and get a nice sun tan in our little
    bubble aircraft. In between cities wildlife would be able to flourish.

  • Secabre Pheox says:

    Drones… Made possible by Sir Nicola Tesla.

  • El Dios Loki CL says:

    nacimos muertos xd

    Next Future Terrifying Technology #Mind Blow (Full Documentary)

  • David Foust says:

    When your enemy doesn’t care about taking human lives I’m sure they get
    frustrated when they kill a machine instead of taking a human life and
    thats the point. Dont give them the chance to kill our troops. They have
    remote controlled robots to drive on the ground with weapons to run down
    terrorists keeping our troops safe. They dont get the honor of killing
    themselves and taking out a machine over a human being, but the machine can
    kill them if they dont surrender. Sounds like a win/win to me

  • fabian999ification says:

    It’s impossible for a computer to do its own thing without programming it.

  • LudicFallacies says:


    And in a war with a real modernized adversary will result in the
    communications satellites that links these UAVs to ground stations being

  • vicksdad says:

    Why any capable scientist with a grain of humanity would want to leave a
    device designed solely for killing as his legacy for mankind is beyond me.
    Calling it something other than war doesn’t make it any less obscene.

  • Ukko Ylijumala says:

    More sophisticated enemy can track them, hijack them or render them useless
    with ECM.
    Pilot in a cockpit cannot be hijacked or rendered useless with ECM.

  • Malik Berry says:

    Was that a xbox 360 kinect on top of that drone?@41:33

  • SPACES AE says:

    The thumbnail looked sort of like a gigantic hair dryer or something.

  • Frederic Duvigneau says:
  • Marc Herrera says:

    Your uploaded videos are good enough. You don’t have deceive your

  • A Mohamed Nazel says:

    Its existing video tecnology just multiplied…not new or advanced…
    rehashing old tech.

  • Elucidator says:

    Where’s the big spacegun I saw as Thumbnail?

  • Sha Klein says:

    Sounds dangerous. If it malfunctions, and targets humans, it could put us
    in trouble.

  • grassfuse says:

    Where is that B.F.O. Shiny gun thing then ?

  • Dan J says:

    For those who know of Fallout New Vegas… the narrator is one of the voice
    actors in said game (one of his voiced characters was a particularly young,
    ANNOYING one hehe) :D

  • David d says:

    Killing civilians since 2000 with no exceptions for women or children << the real truth about the drones

  • Daan Brusse says:

    USA have been bombing blind for 10 years.. 30% of victims are civilians.
    BUT, they are now working on sensors that will enable them to see what they
    are actually bombing! BRAVO! Instead of bombing blind, they are now bombing
    in HD quality.

  • Marc Herrera says:


  • A Elias Varela says:

    the lord has angels looking at us day and nite and they know what we are
    thinking and doing ask!

  • YoYO Semite says:

    No offense Abe, but you sound like a hypocrite. Spend your borrowed money
    to DESIGN (“If you design the best you can, then you get performance by
    design) a drone to collect information to better enable military action.
    Doesn’t it make sense to arm your design and be more efficient? Spy in real
    time and also intervene in real time. That is kill known criminals and

  • Dan J says:

    speaking from a standpoint of media access:

    Although efforts are in place to protect sensitive info, there is still a
    hell of a lot of tactical information about the design of these military
    assets.. so much so – that a novice can easily begin compiling data on how
    to evade, and exploit weaknesses within these vehicles..

    Mark my words;
    If the Military wants to boast about being covert, then it needs to start
    employing it, in a more uncertain, unstable CONNECTED world…..

  • athenaraven1 says:

    This is insane. The death cult is ‘hell bent’ on keeping murder alive.
    There is a lot of propaganda in here that condones this murderous system.
    Imagine the world if this amazing technology was created to assist humanity
    and the environment rather than commit murder on innocent… and don’t fall
    for the LIE that these murdering machines are accurate and don’t harm
    civilians… the purpose of these wars is for genocide… and if you think
    any differently you are seriously uninformed to the facts. Drones are
    flying around over America…. This is a Death cult…. nothing more,
    nothing less. People who find this OK re are psychopathic and creating a
    world that will be ruled by the inter species predators. All War is
    MANIPULATED by those who are sick. Peace is not part of these people’s
    agenda… perpetual war is what is desired. Humanity is turning into

  • Marc Herrera says:


  • huskvarsm says:

    theres a big money making business in this conspiracy circuit these guys
    “some of them” make a fair living and im really not interested in all that
    there was a time when a guy or girl would stand up and talk about ufo’s men
    in black anti gravity and thats where my interest lies.

  • leviterande says:

    Ok Ok, I know there are a million UFO morons every fucking day and the
    birth of utube didnt help things but dear lord is this for real? This is
    way out of place, he got no clue about anything, anyone knows more than
    sereda. I know him from other earlier videos, this sereda is the biggest
    clown, I am not sure if intentionally , but I think not

  • Aaron Tribbett says:

    Albert Einstein invented this theory you did not sir. 

  • barbagiggia says:

    Rarely heard more bullshits in a single YT video….. i know is a long clip
    so this clip have an advantage respect others but still…. what an
    unbelievable amount of crap concentrated here, guys!!!!!

  • MANS4ON says:

    Yeah… cannot show you shit, only here to talk about it and stimulate your
    imagination! Well, it does not matter if your information is 100% legit if
    you act like that…

  • YamiPoyo says:

    This guy provides no proof and only speculation and conjecture, he cites
    things then says he cant tell you. if he really knew any of this he would
    be dead before he could talk about it.

  • michael mcleod says:

    This was interesting to veiw ! 

  • We were big says:

    This pull shit!!!

  • Shaider Riz says:

    This seems to be a simple electromagnetic field phenomenon. the CCW coil
    pushing the nd ball and CW coil is pulling, thus suspending it in the
    center. The amplification on Amps. itself doesn’t hold any significant
    characteristics. What is the total power consumed and total power produced,
    would make it interesting. a 2volt signal with 2micro amp, is same is
    2micro volts with 2000amps out…there will be some loss due heat loss and
    magnetic interference. So where does you experiment stand? Thanks for
    sharing it anyway…..

  • MyNameisNobody says:

    look, im the first in line to admit there is a 99.9% possibility that they
    r not only real, but they are already here. that being said, when you make
    incredible claims (like the one about the sun’s energy output and how it
    doesnt even come close to your ‘widget’) it MUST BE backed up by incredible
    proof as well. also seeing concave tesla coil in a fizzy pic is one thing.
    our minds often see what they wanna see, but to deduct from the same fizzy
    image something like a fibonacci sequence, you pretty much discredited
    yourself right there. i applaud your enthusiasm, but that does not make
    your claims real. i really wish they did.
    i even go as far as saying that the claims can be indeed correct, but if
    that turns out to be the case it will be purely coincidental and you shall
    still not deserve credit for them. there is no guessing in science.
    you can postulate something, then work out a theory, prove and peer rewiev
    the theory, then it can become a law accepted by all. and sadly my friend
    you are a long way from there…

  • pirateman says:

    This is what happens when you go to school stoned and sit in the back of
    the class masturbating to playboy magazine pictures. Then you grow up and
    become an idiot like this guy talking nonsense as if he was still on LSD.
    I hope you guys build a spaceship and get the fuck off this planet and take
    the rest of the morons with you.
    I can only hope.

  • 987b69nnbn876666bn6b says:

    I do agree with the theory of frequencies or in other words – all is
    fibrating, all is resonating, elf, ulf, brainwave etc. those are proofen
    and I am not going to buy a stone for 50 bucks which is useless. This
    presentation was interesting but at the end “ah it’s a secret” you are
    trying us tu buy tables $2.5K which are looking uaahh and it ends all with
    Sorry Dude my pocket remains closed or you offer me HAARP or MK ULTRA
    Products :)

  • Cirty Dunt says:

    Wow…. what a con-man.

  • michael mcleod says:

    This was interesting to veiw ! 

  • Ellison Ballard says:

    ध्यान! अगर असली, सच्चे अतिरिक्त महत्वपूर्ण रिपोर्ट किया जा सकता है: माफी,
    क्षमा करें वीडियो है में हिंदी भाषा, > लगता है! अगर रियल, प्रौद्योगिकी भारत
    के रूप में महत्वपूर्ण राष्ट्र आर्थिक रहस्यों का विदेशी सीखना चाहिए
    नए विज्ञान के रहस्य: “गहरे अंतरिक्ष से” जा रहा है विदेशियों, या आगंतुकों,
    नहीं चाहते हैं आप रहस्य जानना। विदेशियों, आगंतुक से “गहरे अंतरिक्ष” छुपाएँ,
    छिपाना, गुप्त रखना, कवर अप, शांत रखने, चुप रहना, बोतल को, नई विज्ञान को
    दबाने। -अमेरिकी अंग्रेजी में लिंक देखें…


    positron and electron differentials spins one being larger match Howard
    Johnsons plot of the magnets poles each have a major pole and a minor pole 

  • Mike Hendrickson says:

    Why is he giving a lecture to a bunch of geriatrics? 

  • Archangel Raphael says:

    wow the patri-idiots are now promoting the ‘rodin coil’ as UFO technology?
    sorry fellas but IF you want to tap into the universe EFFICIENTLY, it is
    obvious that YOU need to identify the topology of the universe and it is
    NOT a doughnut…like Randy and co. are promoting.


  • STUART FLINN says:


  • Geoffrey S Tuttle says:

    I did……I said…… my book……….my idea………….I
    measured……………I found……………I, I, I. S H U T U P

  • Dick Macho says:

    wow, this guy has no clue what he’s saying about energy. Frequency has
    nothing to do with power or we wouldn’t be using just 60Hz in our wall

  • Kirk Rawlins says:

    and I am the LIFE and I AM, And He speaks to the Mind and the HEART. OMG.

  • Banzay20 says:

    Just a small correction 0° Kelvin (absolute zero) = -273° Celsius = -459º
    Fahrenheit. In space we have I think around 3° degrees Kelvin that would
    mean it´s -270° Celsius. Kelvin and Celsius have the same scale but
    Fahrenheit is a bit tricky to convert without google.. ;)

  • Darrell May says:

    Absolutely Brilliant!!!,Harmonic Frequencies within Electrical Fields using
    the Earth as a Template! is Observational Genius at least!, I myself cannot
    wait to see further work from this person: David Sereda:

  • Usman Gilani says:

    That guy is a real clown

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