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Old Crow Medicine Show – Wagon Wheel [Live]

“Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Show live from their live DVD “Live at the Orange Peel and Tennessee Theatre” available now. Order the DVD from Amazon her…

Old Crow Medicine Show - Methamphetamine

Methamphetamine – Old Crow Medicine Show.. Off There Newest Cd ” Tennessee Pusher ”

50 Responses to Old Crow Medicine Show – Wagon Wheel [Live]

  • John Sneddon says:

    Bob Dylan Would be proud of their Cover 🙂 

  • Jake Boyer says:


  • Michael says:

    0:56. One of the ugliest 5 heads (too big to be a 4 head) I’ve ever seen!
    Bad-ass performance though.

  • Matt Thrun-Nowicki says:

    I saw these boys twice. Once back in 2006 which, to this day, is one of
    the best shows I ever saw. And once in 2013, which simply couldn’t
    compare to the previous show. Everything, from the mic’ing of the
    instruments to the departure of Willie Watson, changed this act. They
    became “Mumfordified”. Their records, too, lost that brilliant “open”
    production of David Rawlings, instead favoring a cleaner, more sterile
    production. I’m not sure whether Watson left due to drugs (less likely,
    given what I’ve read about their habits) or creative differences (more
    likely), but if it’s the latter, I get it. I’ll always love “OCMS” and
    especially “Big Iron World”…even “Tennessee Pusher.” Heck, I’ll still
    own all their albums, but I hope Ketch reassesses their direction soon.

  • Michael Stucker says:

    @ Laura Todd If Old crow claims to have written this diddy, (as does
    Darius Rucker, see: Darius Rucker and Big & Rich – “Wagon Wheel” | Live at
    the Grand Ole Opry [on You Tube]) it’s blatant plagiarism. Has anyone
    mentioned this collaboration to Dylan and his lawyers?

  • Stephen Mason says:
  • L Todd says:


  • Vickie Mueller says:

    I love it!

  • Jesús Velásquez says:

    Excelente agrupación, la canción es muy bonita….saludos desde Lima

  • MiriaN Souza says:

    delícia de música!!!!!

  • hear the drops says:

    Bob Dylan!

  • Chrissy Kaslow says:

    Fallen in love with this band!

  • Austin Stambaugh says:

    I am so glad they made this live release. I miss this Old Crow, when
    Tennessee Pusher was new. Great times, great memories and the golden era
    for the band.

  • Tjet134 says:

    Words cannot describe how much I love this fucking song!

  • Denise Peterson says:

    I love how hootie was washed up in pop music so he went to country, took
    this song ,did a shitty job , and everbodys all wow great song. fucking

  • Shane Dial says:

    Saw them in Nashville at Fontenot, an amphitheater just N of Nashville, was
    UnReal!! They are non-stop for 2 hrs. Playing is fantastic. Just
    amazing, really. By the end, 5,000 were singing this at the top. Was an
    epic moment. Great band. 

  • Anchor Inn And Cottages says:

    Better than Darius Rucker, anyone from the mountains understand these boys,
    great band

  • B Gillespie says:

    Not that it matters (it’s just a song), but the Cumberland Gap is about 100
    miles WEST of Johnson City. It sits between Cumberland Gap, TN and
    Middlesboro, KY.

    Again, it’s just a song. And a good one, at that.

  • patsy murray says:

    This song makes me think of being in ca all by self and so home sick

  • Quim Quadrada says:

    Estos chicos cada día lo hacen mejor.

    “So rock me mama like a wagon wheel
    Rock me mama any way you feel
    Hey mama rock me”

  • davisrj3 says:

    The Miami University anthem

  • nycgirl21173 says:

    one of my most faves….(love them) 

  • Susan Steede says:


  • george frost says:

    man wish i was there

  • mmagymratreviews says:

    Love this song! They did a great job live. So much better than the Darius
    Rucker version!! 

  • Za Goudou says:

    “I’m a fuckin’ sleaze” makes a much better chorus.

    Who says disease is mindless? Behold! They have learned to sing and dance!

    Where will this band of blight go from here?

  • hugh mccann says:

    Love this song

  • Alan Templeton says:
  • Smitty Smith says:

    North East TN

  • Tom Bombadil says:

    Reminds me of the Stones. Good shit.

  • Jacob Robertson says:

    please share this on your facebook wall please help spread the word you
    might need help one day too !!
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  • nicholas jones says:

    thats shits the real truth every word i have bein holked shootin meth up
    for 3 years i have plenty of charges because it i havent seen my family in
    9 months and lookin at a 5-99 prison sentence bein to rehab and cant get it
    people dont do meth fuck what anyone says it will tear your life to fucking

  • Rhys Blanch says:

    Fools game

  • Dan Smiff says:

    Meth aint no joke people . I got hooked on that shit 20+ yrs ago for 3.5
    yrs .
    I lost everything and ended up doing 3-15 yrs . Leave that shit alone .

  • KIP SPENCER says:

    I gotta poop 

  • Matt Agrella says:

    update your playlist so we can actually here the whole album, please,

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  • deke441 says:

    That shit is the devil.

  • Tee Jay Smith says:

    meth is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cynthia Brown says:

    You say you wouldn’t glamorize it….sounds like you wanted to let everyone
    know what you did.

  • Chrissy Kaslow says:
  • Anna Williams says:

    <3 all the music they do (: 

  • Cynthia Brown says:

    Anthony Shanaman….I’m an opiate addict, recovering addict, and I would
    never brag about it!! Come on to Tennessee, see what you really know

  • lino campbell says:

    the shit never affected me, and I know for a fact it wasn’t weak it tested
    at 96.3% and the shit was blue

  • sammi4982 says:

    Hands off my Baby- I will chase you to Hell


    Hello N G@@D Evening everyone, I love this

  • vawver says:

    I have several family members in law enforcement, one who works with meth
    suppression. Indiana is now being dubbed “The Methamphetamine” state among
    law enforcement. Evansville and Gary are pretty insignificant when you take
    into consideration the hundreds of smaller towns that cover the state —
    that’s where the epidemic is taking place.

  • shersher1492brewer says:

    I’m just really confused about what you’re even trying to say. You lost me
    at the “fuck you” and “looking down the clouds” part

  • Brandon Covert says:

    kewl song i gess

  • Grey Johnstone says:

    ‘Round here it’s $20-25 for a gram. Can get 4-5 hits of good acid for that.
    It’s also statistically shown that acid, while more intense than weed, is
    not as addictive, nor does it cause as much harm to the user or those
    around them. Course, ain’t none of it matter to me anymore, been clean over
    8 years, and plan on staying that way. Just saying-’round HERE, weed is 4
    to 5 times the cost of decent acid.

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