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Physical Changes After Exercise

It normally takes about six weeks before you notice any physical changes to yourself, but this is secondary to our cause and a great bonus for us. The biggest mistake that most everyone makes on the first walk they undertake is its MUCH TO FAR

Always set a distance you know you can manage with ease, then try to increase this distance to double over the first six week period.

Remember, we are creeping up on our weight, not trying to ambush it. It is also advisable to get yourself some comfortable walking shoes {and walking socks} but only after you have decided whether or not walking is for you.

This next bit of information may sound a little strange! But {I feel it needs mentioning} Remember if you plan lets say a two mile walk out; you are going to have to walk two miles back?

I know that it goes without saying, and I would never insult anybodies intelligence, but it is something that is often overlooked. And people can find themselves struggling to make it back home, from what should have been an enjoyable experience.

It may inspire you to know that as a result of my walking; along with some extra training, I got to climb the highest mountain in the u.k, BEN NEVIS. When I say Climb, I mean we walked up Ben Nevis via the Mountain Trail; formally known as the Tourist Trail

Sorry!… but you wont find me dangling from a rope half way up a mountain; thank you very much? I can never put into words how amazing that day was from start to finish.

The memories are, still very much alive in my soul; all the people that we met on the mountain that day and each one of them were climbing the Great Ben Nevis, for the good of someone else…? For their very own personal reasons.

When we reached the summit, we stood on the pinnacle to have our photo taken O.M.G I swear to you if we had climbed any higher, we could have shook hands with God…!!!

Please understand; I am 55 years old, I am built for comfort, not speed; I do not rush to do anything unless its really important. At the outset; I started walking the dog round the block and because I felt I needed to get moving again.

Another thing; there was no way I was going to join a gym to embarrass myself, being all red faced on a treadmill, sweating like a donkey; trying to prove that I could still do it?

{No Thanks} Im well past all that. It just amazes me sometimes how one little change in your lifestyle, and in your mind; can lead you to such massive accomplishments.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine myself standing on the top of Ben Nevis! {And believe me I have some wild dreams} Do you ever wonder where little changes that you make; could take you?

Walking for Fun; is the most important aspect of my articles about walking. Its Free, Its Easy, Most of all it has hidden benefits that you would normally not associate with such a gentle activity as this?

But; with very low impact you will start to see, very sure but steady results with your health, and all round well being. That’s the beauty of walking for fun; the benefits creep up on you real slow.
Join Us at the Top of Ben Nevis.

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