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Physical Symptoms of Depression

Depression is a terrible state in which a person can go through. It is an illness that affects thousands or even millions of people around the world. This mental state was proven to be an effect of stress. When people get stressed and they have no way to cope up or deal with their situation, they tend to develop a feeling of sadness, hopelessness, etc. But aside from its emotional symptoms, physical signs may also be evident.

Mostly, psychologists diagnose a person with depression by looking at emotional symptoms. However, individuals with depression may also have physical symptoms. Listed below is a list of these symptoms.

The first symptom of depression is eating disorder. Some people with depression tend to overeat. There are also some depressed people who tend to eat less than normal or refuse to eat anything at all. Thus, another symptom may also arise: sudden change in weight. Either a person may lose weight or gain weight faster than normal.

Many people suffering from depression also develop sleeping disorders. Many depressed people are having problems sleeping. On the contrary, there are also people who tend to oversleep due to depression.

Apart from these, fatigue is also considered to be among the most common signs of depression. A depressed person tends to have no energy to perform any type of activity. One reason for this is that if you are depressed you don’t like to move around and accomplish tasks that you need to do.

Feeling pain is also another symptom of depression. Usually the pain is long lasting. When you’re depressed you may likely experience having pains in your body without any physical reason.

Depression may not be easy to diagnose and usually, people who develop this have a hard time dealing with it. Nevertheless, it is possible. There are many different ways you can cope up or get rid of depression.

Among these methods is meditation, which is not only effective, but also risk-free. This natural technique has been proven to be effective not only in dealing with depression, it is also an ideal way to prevent it and other physical and mental illnesses caused by stress. To learn more about how to beat depression with meditation, you may go to or




The author is a health care specialist that deals studies on the subject of alternative medicine.

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