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Physical Therapists – Do Physical Therapists Like Their Jobs

Although you are able to uncover an individual who likes just about each and every sort of job on the market, not all careers take pleasure in quite high levels of job satisfaction as a entire. It is critical to know how folks wind up feeling about their careers as they’re inside the midst of them, due to the fact it can provide you with a clue as to how you may really feel too, and no matter whether or not a certain line of function may be the correct path for you. Physical therapists, by way of example, take pleasure in very high levels of satisfaction, generating the prospects of entering this field much more exciting for prospective students.

One of the important facts behind this comes from a 2007 survey conducted by the National Opinion Study Center. This survey located that more than 3 quarters of physical therapists responded as becoming “very satisfied” with their jobs. That is much more than 75%, and it shows you that should you wind up pursuing physical therapy, it is very most likely that you will wind up feeling pleased about your line of function.

Not merely is this an really high percentage, but it is really the number two highest rated profession for job satisfaction across any market or region. Number 1 belonged to clergy, and no other wellness care related profession ranked within the leading five.

But you can find a couple of other surveys and rankings which support to bolster the case for physical therapy much more. In November 2010, ranked physical therapy as the number four ideal job in America, in a best 100 list. A year just before that, the U.S. News and Globe Report included physical therapy on their list of the very best careers for the year.

Now that you simply know how extremely satisfactory physical therapy could be for many of the people within the field, it is crucial to know why. Proper in the best of the list is that physical therapy is incredibly rewarding when it comes to helping men and women and enhancing their lives every single and every single day of your working life. You will constantly really feel positive and like you are performing some thing worthwhile as you function as a physical therapist.

Intrinsic rewards are wonderful, but let’s be honest, earning an excellent salary is also extremely essential for the career that you will have. Physical therapists bring in extremely high salaries, and you’ll find also excellent job opportunities correct now for new specialists. That indicates you will have the ability to land an excellent job extremely rapidly, and when you do, that job will pay you what you deserve, on leading of all of those other wonderful rewards and rewards.

Some careers have job satisfaction rates of about 50-50, and a lot of other people fare significantly worse than that. So if you see that 75% of physical therapists adore their jobs, the 2nd highest ranking career of any, then you genuinely need to take it seriously. Should you haven’t been contemplating physical therapy ahead of, you may undoubtedly need to think about it now, from the high salaries and many job opportunities, towards the intrinsic rewards of helping individuals each day.

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