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Physically Challenged People


A lot has been written about disability, and probably a lot more will be written. Some has been written by the

disabled people or by their relatives. But there has been not that much information apart from medico’s, or people within a certain social group and scientists  looking for causes/cures and how they can be prevented.


Until quite recently disabled people were socially isolated. Whether their condition was physical,

emotional or mental, all met the same attitudes. Whether one carried a stick, or were in a wheelchair all were looked upon as being perhaps somewhat limited mentally and were hardly likely to be invited to a social  gathering.


However, thanks to the scientists, medico’s and dedicated educationists, social attitudes have changed somewhat, since hidden abilities of the disabled have been brought to the fore making their lives more comfortable.


However, as regards attitudes the present situation does not yet  reach the hundred per cent mark. There always have and probably always will be some who cannot come to terms with the imperfect and disfunctional human body and will shy away or ignore them altogether. The reason for this lies with those people themselves.


Thus society and the disabled themselves must pull together to integrate and make the climate of acceptability aa

normal as possible. People are encouraged to use different terminology eg. A person who uses a wheelchair, carries a walking stick, walks with a frame may be called ‘physically challenged,’ while those with emotional or mental afflictions are ‘intellectually challenged.’


Those hearing or using such terminology, may develop a more accepting attitude and come to find that

many disabled people have capabilities, needs, wants and feelings like anyone else.

Nowdays there is more access to information mainly through TV, the Intertnet, books and papers enabling disabled people to show their talents and abilities.  The fact that they are now included by the media, puts them into the real world with their able bodied counterparts. This surely engenders more knowledge that having a disabilty is by no means a separation from everyday life.


The most important agenda is now dependant on scientific research to find preventative causes/cures for such

physical conditions as Cerebral palsy, Downe’s Syndrome, blindness, etc. besides the emotional/mental

disorders such as Bipolar, acute depression and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


Time will tell which and how many disabilities can be prevented or even cured.  For the sake of families,

however loving and patient they may be with their afflicted offspring it is hoped that much suffering and stress can

be eleviated once and for all.


Atara can relate to disability quite easily. She was born with weak muscles at the back of her neck and in her ankles. She gradually strengthened and trained and taught pre-school for ten years.

Following that she took a Fine Arts Course then an English Course at Curtin University in Western Australia. Writing articles interest her although she has previously kept to shory stories, poetry and, her passion, scrrenplays.

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