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Physics 10 – Lecture 05: Radioactivity

Physics 10: Physics for Future Presidents. Spring 2006. Professor Richard A. Muller. The most interesting and important topics in physics, stressing conceptu…

25 Responses to Physics 10 – Lecture 05: Radioactivity

  • Peptry says:

    In which degree is this studied?

  • Draco Frances says:

    we are teaching nuclear chemistry in general chemistry now. Friggin

  • B1OOD4NDBULL3TS says:

    My Physics teacher was horrible. He could never get a method across to
    anyone. I had to read everything on my own and researched about the lessons
    and add more things. I enjoyed it very much.

  • Tim Caffery says:

    Imagine a water molecule, saturated with ionizing radiation, bump into
    another water molecule that hasn’t been otherwise exposed to ionizing
    radiation: what happens to the “clean” water molecule; what happens to the
    radiation level in the saturated molecule? Now, multiply that by the
    Pacific Ocean. This guy is a propogandist, A Nuclear High Priest, his
    students are his offering to his god.

  • Sean Richter-Walsh says:

    Pretty sickening to hear people laugh about experimenting on kittens,
    rabbits and puppies with lethal doses of radiation. Alternative methods are
    far more precise and ethical. 

  • Matt Crunk says:

    the linear no threshold hypothesis is a tad oversimplified, as it ignores
    the effects damage can have of the bodies repair mechanisms.

    At a certain low enough dose, the repair mechanisms are actually stimulated
    in a positive way.

  • gekaprog says:

    Awesome, introductory lecture. Really sparks the interest and explains in
    simple terms.

    He is a great educator. I wish other colleges made THEIR PROFESSORS watch
    this lecture and learn how to teach. Ingore the subject matter.

  • Tim Caffery says:

    See: Joe Harding

  • Ninosław Ciszewski says:

    I used to watch this 6 years ago, had lots of fun doing it. 

  • David Ecclestone says:

    Great video =) just discovered his vids – goldmine ^^ =P

  • Krandolph17 says:

    @tryceo This is mostly for non-science majors, people that may not ever be
    exposed to a lot of science to just get a basic understanding of some
    things. I too have known a lot of these things since I was 10 to 13 but I
    still found it fairly interesting, and I didn’t know about sieverts and
    rems and the other things about cancer, which I really enjoyed learning.

  • KidCharlemage1962 says:

    What a fantastic teacher! We need more people like this in all levels of
    our education system.

  • hytlerson says:

    loved this

  • bbouch111 says:

    @lovelplants Its called a Geiger Counter in case your interested.

  • kristie567 says:

    Simply because of the amount of radiation.

  • underweightHater says:

    i dont think there is any equivelant to this course. it was designed for
    college students who are NOT going to major in physics but would like an
    overview, so it isnt part of the physics curriculum. i think if you plan to
    major in physics you get thrown into the dungeon to do calculations. no fun
    courses for you!

  • Lawrence Nakila says:

    i want to take up BS Physics because of you sir! 😀

  • gr av says:

    wow.. now i wish i had taken science, this guy is gooddd!!!!!

  • jonathancoupal says:

    @xos420 I’m afraid not. Wiring for electricity is only about managing the
    flow (current) of electrons through a conductor. Elementary particles, such
    as electrons, protons, and neutrons have a charge (-1, +1, 0 respectively)
    which relates to how they interact with each other. Basically neutrons are
    electromagnetically “neutral” which indicates that they don’t interact
    using the electromagnetic force with the other particles.

  • Darion King says:


  • stelivo1 says:

    This guy is absolutly amazing

  • Sev erin says:

    Thank God I’m reading Physics in the university. This stuff is super

  • Can Coban says:

    hi out of interest, what physics qualification is this for? is it something
    like a ph.d? and how long does it last?

  • rhelms73 says:

    Here’s one for you. Homeland Security is sewing RADIO ACTIVE ZIPPERS into
    american citizen’s clothing who have been charged tryed and convicted in
    some kangaroo secret court without one word ever being spoken to them!!

  • geganobo says:

    ive learned more on youtube in a month then ive learned after years of

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