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Purchasing Economics Books in India

The economics books of the 19th century have brought in lots of concepts to encourage, and make economist understand the depths of every area related to the country’s economy. The Books Price in India is nominal. The friction books don’t cost you much, but when it comes to business and professional books, the price could be high. If you have focused you profession, you can get these books for that cost, because it is worth it. Corporate Atyaachaar is one such book that came during the 19th century. This particular book was written by a debutant author of those times. It is exciting to know the contents of this book, since it is fresh and written by a new hand.

The Corporate Atyaachaar is a comical story of an office doormat, written by Abhay Nagarajan. The author has been part of the Finance sector for about couple of years, which is best explained in this book. Since, he has mentioned Corporate Atyaachaar as CA in his whole book. The trials and tribulations undergone by CA is the whole story. CA was a willing office doormat. We have no clue, when this Lord fate will take the burden of his shoulders. It is interesting to find out, when the Lady luck will shine on him. You need to read the book to find out. Let’s see whether the same summary could help you find the answer.

In this book, CA provides some great and interesting insights of the corporate world. This happened during the boom and bust of the stock market in the year 2007 to 2008. The question here is that, will there be any downfall after every rise? Here, the protagonist CA assists his boss to manage all the investment requirements of the clients on the upper realm. These clients were from Bangalore, and they had high net worth investments. Each one of them is characters in this story. Though, there are lots of characters involved in the story. The best of all is the manager himself. The writer has also written about lots of mouth-watering menus that fills the stomach of the readers.

It is a comical book with some interesting facts on investments and market. This book has been much appreciated for its “food for thought”. Economic books in India are a delight to read, with every book having something to offer to its readers! Check out the online bookstore for your favorite books at a low cost.


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