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Quantum Physics Law of Attraction Bob Proctor

Do you know about quantum physics law of attraction bob proctor? Bob Proctor’s says, “inspiration will guide you, take the leap and build your wings on the way down.”

For the example, when we are concentrating on a project, we will find the resource, book or a person accidentally who can help us move forward.  When it happens, we just think of it is our lucky day. However, it is the Law of Attraction Quantum Physics effect.

The Law of Attraction is the Universal Law that makes everything in the Universe to happen or manifest. Our life is not an exception for the Law of Attraction. Constantly, the Law of Attraction is working in our life too. So, how this quantum physics law of attraction works?

1. Picture what you want when you can be in a quiet and uninterrupted state. Use all your senses and all your imagination to put yourself into that dream now.

2. Ask for it by picturing how much fun it you are having. If you can picture it, you can have it. The more active, the more senses you inspire, the shorter the time will be to your successful manifestation.

3. Believe that it is yours now. Be willing to accept whatever the Universe gives you. Practice acceptance of the present moment. Accept 100% responsibility for everything.

4. The bigger the dream, the more adversity will be needed to prepare you. You will have to show persistence.

5. Act on inspiration. The Universe will send you here or there and will bring opportunities into your life that will send you in the direction of success.

If you ever read 11 Forgotten Laws, the book says much the same thing. It’s all couched in New Age language which in his day was all the rage, but there’s really no difference. One thing that is vital, though, is passion.

This is quantum physics Law of Attraction in action. Stay positive. Don’t entertain any doubts.

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