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Quit smoking without the withdrawals by October 2014, according to smoking cessation expert Paul Hudson.

Tampa, Florida (PRWEB) September 17, 2014

Cessation expert, Paul Hudson, explains how to quit smoking without withdrawals. While there are 33 million smokers who want to quit smoking in the USA, most people never quit. With only one visit to the doctor’s office, smokers may eliminate the physical withdrawal symptoms of nicotine addition. Imagine that a consumer can quit smoking by October 2014. And within as little as three weeks, smokers can break the psychological bonds that cause so many to return to smoking. How?

With the Welplex Stop Smoking Clinic, with over 15 years of experience, consumers have access to a government patented procedure that allows patients to quit smoking with only one visit to the doctor’s office. This one-time treatment does for smoking cessation what Novocain does for dentistry; it makes it easy.

After a routine physical exam, the physicians at Welplex administer medications that immediately block the nicotine receptor sites. Clinic director, Paul Hudson, states, “The consumer eliminates discomfort associated with quitting smoking. The lightheadedness, irritability and feeling of having to smoke, simply to feel normal, are eliminated through this unique procedure”.

With documented success rates exceeding 80%, Welplex Stop Smoking Clinics (WSSC) have served the public for over 15 years. There are myriad products and services on the market to quit smoking; however, the Anticholinergic Block Method replaces the effects that nicotine has on the body. The WSSC process has a low rate of recidivism (15-18% after two months). In order to avoid relapse, many patients employ the WSSC support system. The cost of quitting may actually be less than the costs of a few months of smoking.

Located at 6502 Gunn Highway, Tampa Florida 33625, the Welplex Stop Smoking Clinics have been saving customers from smoking for over 15 years.

For more information on this unique procedure, please contact Paul Hudson at 727-539-8900. If you prefer email, Paul Hudson may be reached at hudsonp(at)tampabay(dot)rr(dot)com.


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