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Roger James Hamilton and the Systems of Economics

In the present day world of finance here is only thing that can help you get the desired results that you want. There is only one place that you can resort to if you really want to get success in the efforts that you do. And that place is you inner being. And the man who can take you or at least can help you in reaching that inner place of yours is Roger James Hamilton. And there is a very valid reason behind the ability of this man in helping you in getting to the point from where you can have a fresh look at the dreams that you had been dreaming about and the things that you had been wanting to achieve in life.

But Roger James Hamilton did not arrive at the acme of his career just by following the dictums of the economic system that has already bled the economies of many of the developing countries as well as the underdeveloped countries. Although at the start of his career he stuck to the principles and dogmas of the economic system that he had been taught a great deal about. All throughout his education period he had been hearing only paeans and eulogies about the economic system that had been governing the system of wealth creation for a long time. And being an ardent admirer of the system he too started his career while following the system to the hilt.

While following the system to the hilt Roger James Hamilton realized that all his efforts were being directed towards success but somehow the success was eluding him. And after some tern years of spending his entire life within the strict parameters of the economic system he decided to part ways with it. But the decision was as difficult to take as the path that he now had to follow. The reason being that apart from the existing system of economic there was no other system that was in sight, thus he had to create a system of his own that would not only help him in realizing the dreams that he had seen for himself but would also help the others in doing the same.

After doing a lot of research he realized that the existing system of economics can never produce successes until and unless there was no place given to the very basic and intrinsic element of life. And that element is Nature itself. Thus according to Roger James Hamilton if the due place or respect is not given to the Nature then there is no doubt that whatever system you might adopt in creating wealth, you would not find success.

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