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Salmonella Outbreak: How are Cucumbers Contaminated?

Salmonella Outbreak: How are Cucumbers Contaminated?
In fact, the pathogen-commodity pair of Salmonella and vine-stalk vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers) is the third most common combination responsible for outbreaks, according to CDC data. So how does bacteria get onto cucumbers in the first place? There …
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Infrastructure debt is hot property
… cent at the end of August. Andrew Moylan, head of real assets products at Preqin, the data provider, says: “Investors are concerned about high valuations for infrastructure assets and the impact this will have on performance.” … I Squared Capital …
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The predator-prey power law: Biomass scaling across terrestrial and aquatic biomes
These data reveal two ecosystem-level power law scaling relations: (i) predator biomass versus prey biomass, which indicates how the biomass pyramid changes shape, and (ii) community production versus community biomass, which indicates how per capita …
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