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Sleeping Disorders Linked To Room Pollutants

According to the National Commission on Sleep Disorders, there are more than 40 million people who suffer from sleeping disorders that are chronic or long term. However, these are just estimates as there are many that are not diagnosed and counted yet. But when you think about it, the results aren’t as shocking as they could have been because of the many contributing factors that affect a persons’ sleep or generally lack of it. For starters, there is a coffee shop in every block which promotes the increasingly high rate of caffeine consumption, or the many pollutants that are found in every room that we breathe air in. Some might not know it but pollutants are allergens that are considered to be a serious threat to people’s health. In fact, a recent study at a European University concluded that air pollution is graver than coffee, alcohol and physical strain when it comes to causing heart ailments.

However, there is hope for controlling the indoor environment as it is said that more than 99% of these allergens can be removed and filtered by having an air conditioning installation with a built in air purifier. Many modern air conditioning units have already purifiers included which make it even better to have an air conditioner installation at home or work. Because no matter how cool the air is, if it is unfiltered then it is as useless as the air you are trying to avoid on the streets.

Air pollution causes many health hazards such as cough, colds, skin diseases and other respiratory problems such as lung cancer in the long run. But with the use of the proper air conditioning filters, you can lessen the risks that these unseen allergens can give. Sleeping in a room with polluted air also causes sleeping disorders that can arise from breathing problems.

The treatment of a person with sleeping disorder begins with the suggestion of migrating into a room with an air conditioner. To begin with, a cool room is much more comfortable to sleep at than a warm and humid one. A non air conditioned room is also where germs, bacteria and molds often breed at which makes the person living inside more prone to diseases and pollution which causes discomfort.

Good quality air should be for everyone and not only the already sickly ones. Purchasing an aircon unit alongside a purifier is the least of preventive measures which goes a long way for everybody.

How To Choose The Right Air Conditioner – With so many air conditioners on the market today, it’s hard to know what is the best one for your room or home. The most important thing you have to know however, is the correct size needed to efficiently cool the area you want to air condition.

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