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Smart technology by Samsung

Samsung has done it yet again! Its Smart TV is another leap in the world of consumer electronics, and just goes on to show why the company has been so instrumental in making a mark in this particular domain. To begin with, the Smart Hub feature is the ultimate in home entertainment, and allows the user to get the maximum out of the television. Essentially, the Smart TV is an LED TV, but thanks to the features, it seems a lot more. Features like Search All and Web Browser allow for finding TV-related content and information on the internet, besides facilitating sharing of movies, music and photos. The 3-inch Touch Control console gives a convenient access to all of the hi-tech features at the touch of a button, with a QWERTY keyboard and Dual View screen. Further, Samsung Apps and Social TV give access to a world of applications that can be downloaded and enjoyed, and also allow one to connect (blog and chat) with friends using websites like Facebook, Twitter and services like Google Talk, simultaneously while watching TV.

One can enjoy television broadcasts and movies in a true 3D environment with the Samsung Smart TV. Pictures seem to transcend the boundaries of the television, as the screen has been fabricated using the most advanced 3D imaging technology. One can also get the perfect 3D home entertainment experience with accessories like 3D active glasses, 3D contents like movies & games, and a 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player. Also, not only is the television great when it’s switched on, it is also quite phenomenal to look at when it’s switched off. The ‘One Design’ concept, that has been implemented to perfection in the Smart TV, brings one closer to the action, as the screen and ultra slim bezel are fused together to reduce the thickness and provide a sleek profile which goes well with all kinds of décor. To accentuate the style factor, the TV is framed with a super-narrow Silver Metal outline. One can also hang it on the wall with ease, since the design is also such that the TV is extremely light-weight.

Coming to the connectivity part, the AllShare technology allows for wireless connection with all kinds of compatible digital devices, to transfer and access movies, music and photos across varied platforms. One can also download the AllShare PC software so that the PC contents can be searched, streamed and played back on the TV. The High Definition Multimedia Interface inputs also allow for wired connectivity with up to four devices. Also, there is the Cinema Black feature which automatically adjusts the picture for the letterbox type effect, to give a feel of a movie theatre. Also, the Anynet feature allows for control of all compatible devices with a single remote, obviating the need for multiple remote controllers. One can even surf the internet, as a dedicated web browser has been embedded in the Smart TV, exclusively for this purpose.

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