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Studies show cleanliness is linked to allergies


Research has shown girls are more susceptible to suffer from allergies than boys when they grow up- Fortunately for women everywhere it is possible to source a wide range of healthy cakes, such as dairy free cakes and free from cakes from specialist bakeries, so everyone can indulge in the occasional sweet treat, even if they do have an allergy.

Research has suggested that there is a clear link between cleanliness and the number of adult women suffering from allergies, autoimmune disorders and asthma. Sharyn Clough, a philosopher at Oregon State University studies science and gender differences, believes that the reason women are more likely to suffer from allergies then men is because they generally play indoors more than boys when they are young. This main reason for this is because girls are usually dressed in clothes which are not supposed to get dirty. And when girls are playing outside, their play is usually more supervised compared to little boys play.

The combination of these three factors reduces young girls’ exposure to germs. They are not coming into contact with the same type and amounts of germs as boys, which has a knock on effect on their immune system. This makes them more susceptible to developing allergies in later life.

With society becoming obsessed with anti-bacterial cleaning products, hand gels and sanitisers it seems the old adage ‘a little dirt won’t hurt’ rings true. Though scientists aren’t recommending that you send your children out into the garden to eat soil and play with worms, playing in dirt for short periods of time on a regular basis is a healthy way to expose the body to a type of healthy bacteria that is found naturally in soil.

They conclude that even daily contact with just one gram of uncontaminated soil can help to promote a healthy, functioning immune system and reduce the risk of developing allergies, autoimmune disorders and asthma.

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