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Top Phoenix Orthopedic Doctor at FXRX Now Offering Five Effective Treatments for Avoiding Knee Replacement

FXRX – Top Orthopedic Surgeons in Phoenix Metro (480) 449-FXRX

Dr. Sumit Dewanjee, the Board Certified Phoenix orthopedic surgeon at FXRX, is now offering five effective treatments to help patients avoid or delay the need for knee replacement. New options include stem cell procedures, which offer the potential to repair and regenerate the damage from degenerative or rheumatoid arthritis. Call (480) 449-3979 for more information and scheduling.

While Dr. Dewanjee has been a top knee replacement doctor in Phoenix for the past decade, he understands it should be considered a last resort for patients.

He stated, “Knee replacements are over 90% effective for my patients, but they are not meant to last forever. Therefore, I offer cutting edge options to provide relief nonoperatively as well.”

This includes revolutionary stem cell procedures, which have minimal risk and are performed as an outpatient. Dr. Dewanjee has seen very impressive results with the procedures, which use either bone marrow aspirate or are derived from amniotic fluid that is processed at an FDA regulated lab. In his patient population, excellent results have been seen in over 85% of patients for over six months.

Additional injection procedure options include hyaluronic acid with Synvisc along with traditional cortisone. The procedures have a long track record for knee arthritis, and usually provide months of satisfactory relief.

Knee bracing with an unloader are able to take pressure off the arthritis part of a patient’s knee, and shift it to the less affected side. The braces are customized to the patient for maximum comfort, and routinely allow patients the ability to increase activity along with excellent relief.

Along with these treatments, FXRX utilizes physical therapy routinely. With therapy, patients strengthen the muscles around the knee, which takes pressure off the arthritic joint.

Most insurance is accepted at FXRX, and treatment is provided in a first rate setting located in Tempe. Dr. Dewanjee has received the Patient’s Choice Award for seven years in a row for his expertise, compassion and time spent with patients.

For treatment with an orthopedic surgeon Phoenix trusts and respects, call FXRX today at (480) 449-3979.

Reduction of effective dose of statins, by liver targeting delivery, could be a way to bring the drugs to the prevention market – proof-of-concept trial by Lycotec Ltd.

Statins are one of the most successful drugs able to slow down the formation of cholesterol-rich atherosclerotic plaques on the arterial walls, and reduce the development of and mortality from coronary heart disease, CHD.

Although their efficacy in management of elevated LDL cholesterol and CHD is not questionable, recommendation of their use for preventative purposes for healthy people or even borderline conditions is a subject of an ongoing strong debate.

Statins like many other drugs have their own side-effects. The use of them for people with elevated cholesterol or with already established CHD overpowers these side-effects. However, the use of statins for preventative purposes with possibilities to develop, albeit not too frequent, but still negative reactions, remains controversial.

The main reason behind the side-effects is the distribution and accumulation of statins outside their main target, the liver, into skeletal muscles or other organs.

Lycotec Ltd., the Cambridge UK based biotech company has developed and patented liver targeting oral delivery technology, LycosomeTM – http://www.lycotec.com

Based on this technology, the company has created a prototype, LycoStatinTM.

In a double blind study 40 volunteers with elevated LDL cholesterol were randomised and distributed in 5 groups with 8 participants each. The first three groups received daily either 20, or 40 or 80 mg of Simvastatin. The fourth group received LycoStatinTM containing 20 mg of Simvastatin. and the fifth group received a control lycopene, the carotenoid with is used to make Lycosomes, in the same dose as in the fourth group.

After one month of the trial it was shown that the level of the reduction of LDL cholesterol in the fourth group was significantly stronger than in the groups taking 20 or 40 mg of Simvastatin, and was at the same level as in the group which was taking 80 mg of the drug. There were no changes in LDL level in the fifth group.

These preliminary results indicate that the liver targeting delivery could increase the efficacy of statins, by apparent reduction of their random distribution to other organs, which are not involved in LDL synthesis, hence potentially minimise the side-effects of these drugs.

Some results of this trial have now been published in a peer review journal as a State of the Art Paper: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4424257/pdf/AMS-11-25022.pdf

Later this week the Lycotec team, Dr Ivan Petyaev and Dr Yuiry Bashmakov, will present the LycoStatinTM at the World Liver Targeting Conference in Malta: http://www.targeting-liver.com

The company believes that reducing the effective dose of statins, minimising their potential side-effects, would allow these drugs, which have already saved millions of lives of people with CHD, to expand their benefit to even more millions of healthy people to prevent the development of this dominating killer disease in the developed world.

Lycotec is now looking for pharmaceutical industry partnership to further develop LycoStatin and bring it, and its potential range, to the CHD preventative market.

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Effective Titles And Format For Chemistry Essay


Chemistry seems to be a mystery for the students and so do the chemistry essays, this is the sole reason why they get so nervous when they are assigned the task of writing chemistry essays. Chemistry essays are no doubt difficult but that doesnt mean you cannot write a good essay on it. Definitely you can, all you have to do is to create an effective title for chemistry essays.

But it has been noticed that student get more nervous is the selection of the chemistry essay topic than writing essay on the subject, the possible reason is that chemistry is a wide field with wide array of subjects so the students have so many options in front of them which make them confused in choosing the right topic. Therefore, we have selected some good topic for chemistry essays out of thousands to help them decide their chemistry essay topic.

Effective Titles And Basic Format For Writing Chemistry Essay

1-Topic ideas for chemistry essays that are research based: sustainable chemistry


?Ask yourself some questions, like what you want to do in your chemistry essays and what you want to explore.

?Write thesis statement that is clear and cut without any haziness having the support of at least three topic sentences

?Write down the twelve principles for sustainable chemistry in the body of your chemistry essay that also answers the question in particular.

?Wrap your work that also includes future suggestions.

?Write down the references properly.

2-Topic ideas for chemistry essay that are informative: The chemistry of fireworks


?Write down the introduction of your chemistry of fireworks essay which will tell the readers how chemical elements are used to carry out fireworks.

?Jot down a thesis statement that interlinks chemistry with pyrotechnics and fireworks along with a support of at least two topic sentences.

?In the body paragraphs of chemistry essays, inform the readers about how firework works are done using the oxidizer, binder and heater so that you can prove the relation between chemistry and fireworks.

?The conclusion will end your essay on chemistry where you will discuss whole essay in short paragraph.

Hence, being a student you must know what the dynamics of chemistry are, you should also know what it takes to write an essay on chemistry. Chemistry essays are nothing if and if only your topic is created in a better way, otherwise you will surely lose your grades in exams plus working on the same old topic will make you learn nothing from the essay writing.

The preceding chemistry essay titles are given to tell you how to develop good chemistry essay topics along with what to write in it. If you will follow the above told essay writing format, I am sure you will be able to impress your teacher. You can either select from the above told essay topics or go for your own creation, it all depends on how you want your chemistry essay to be.

Sam Collier is a senior research writer and provide help for chemistry essay and chemistry essays .Feel free to contact for any sort of help in sthis regard.

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