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Millennials are Trading Handprints for Noseprints

Piling into the car for a road trip is a time-honored summer tradition among American families – and for Millennials, the family is getting furrier. According to the fourth annual travel survey by pet insurance provider Petplan, Millennials are hitting the road with their pets more than any other generation.

Responses from over 2,200 pet parents revealed several stark differences in travel trends between Millennials —those ages 18-29 — and older generations:

    Say yes to pets: 84% of Millennial respondents travel with their pets, compared to 79% of the 30-and-over crowd.
    Guilt tripping: 66% said they feel guilty about leaving their pets at home and 77% worry about their pet while they’re away. Among older respondents, only 32% reported experiencing guilt, and 55% felt worried.
    Furry family welcome: 78% of Millennials bring pets along when visiting family and friends (and 74% spend the night), up from 62% of older generations.
    Pets over people: Regardless of age, nearly half of all respondents said they would rather take a trip with their pet than their partner. Meow-ch!

So why are Millennials promoting Rover to co-pilot more than older generations?

One key consideration is that Millennials are starting families later in life: 67% of Petplan’s survey respondents are unmarried and 86% don’t have children. While some have argued that pets have replaced children among this generation, research has actually found that 82% of Millennials see getting a pet as an important step in preparing to have a family.* That includes “practicing” traveling with them, as 61% of Millennials prioritize having a pet who’s easy to travel with.*

“This generation came of age facing a tough job market and record debt, but in the face of all that uncertainty they could count on the love of their pets. In a way, they started their families before ever welcoming a spouse or children into their lives,” says Petplan co-founder and co-CEO, Natasha Ashton.

No matter the age of the pet parent, before hitting the road with furry friends in tow, brush up on these top travel tips from Petplan:

    ID is key: Pets should always wear proper identification, but it’s especially important when traveling. Make sure your pet’s ID includes a current cell phone number and contact information. Also consider a microchip just in case your pet’s collar was to come off by accident.
    Vet the (local) vets: 10% of survey respondents needed to bring their pet to the vet unexpectedly while traveling. Petplan’s Vet Finder Tool can lend a paw to find the nearest vet or emergency clinic based on your destination’s zip code.
    Harness the hound: Because unsecured pets can leap into a driver’s lap, obscure their vision or cause other distractions, it’s safer for everyone on the road when pets are properly restrained in the car. With lots of options available, from harnesses and booster seats to carriers, pet parents can find a safety restraint that’s just right for their pet’s breed and size.
    Pack the pet bag: In addition to kibble, toys and treats, pack a first aid kit for traveling pets with bandages, hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic wash and a medicine dropper. Download or print Petplan’s full first aid checklist to be completely prepared.

For more information about keeping pets happy and healthy while traveling, including downloadable resources from Petplan veterinarians, visit

*Wakefield Research, “The Millennial Pet Owner,” 2014



Petplan is more than a pet insurance provider. We’re dedicated to providing pet parents with the support, resources and tools they need to keep their pets not just surviving—but thriving—into their old age. Simply put, we aim to be the kind of company that will make our pets proud. For the third consecutive year, Petplan was listed among Forbes’ annual ranking of America’s Most Promising Companies – a list of 100 privately held, high-growth companies with bright futures. Petplan is the only pet insurance provider to have been included on Inc. Magazine’s list of 500 fastest-growing, privately held companies in America.

Petplan’s fully customizable cat and dog insurance policies provide comprehensive coverage for all hereditary and chronic conditions for the life of the pet as standard. Petplan policies are underwritten by AGCS Marine Insurance Company in the U.S. and by Allianz Global Risks US Insurance Company in Canada. The Allianz Group was rated A+ by A.M. Best in 2014. For more information about Petplan pet insurance, visit or call 1-866-467-3875.

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Millennials Prefer Print: Omnipress Publishes Survey Results

Madison, WI (PRWEB) December 18, 2014

Omnipress, provider of content solutions for associations and other organizations, conducted a survey to learn more about young professionals and how they prefer to read educational content. In this independent survey, 548 people (all 22-33 years old) answered questions about how, when, and why they read professional content.

“We have been hearing from clients that their youngest members want all of their educational content online,” said Omnipress’ CEO, Tracy Gundert. “But we had doubts. Other research we consulted showed that millennials read printed books, sometimes more than other age groups. To learn what young professionals were really thinking, we decided to ask them.”

The survey was written by Omnipress, but administered by a third party to people between the ages of 22 and 33. Educational and professional material was the focus of the survey; other types of reading (for information or pleasure, for example) were not addressed.

“Millennials have never known a world without the internet. But those who think that they only want to read online are in for a big surprise,” said Vice President of Business Development, Steve Manicor. “Our survey shows that when it comes to educational materials, young professionals prefer print. They find it easier to learn from printed materials, especially if the content is complex. Note-taking, which is best done by hand, is also important to millennials.”

Some key takeaways from the survey, as shown in the white paper that details the results:

    59% of respondents find it easier to learn from printed materials.
    58% agree that printed materials are better for reference.
    86% agree with this statement: “The world is more connected than ever, but I think there’s still a place for printed materials.”
    68% will “never stop reading printed educational materials.”
    50% prefer print when reading something the need to learn; just 18% prefer digital content.

To read the full survey results, visit the Resource section on and download “Millennials and Print: How and Why Your Youngest Members Read from the Page.” Survey-takers were also given an opportunity to share their thoughts about reading educational materials. Here is what they had to say:

    “I have had technology fail me several times. Important files have been deleted, smartphone batteries have died at the most inopportune times, and not every conference venue provides a reliable signal for accessing online materials … [T]here is a place for printed materials.”
    “One of the reasons I don’t like using digital formats for education materials is because it is really hard to go back and reference things. I can’t tab or bookmark pages the way I can with a printed book. With a digital book, I have to remember something, like a name, a keyword, in order to use a search function to find what I’m looking for. With a printed book, I can flip through the pages looking for it.”
    “I think print is important because you can keep it and refer to it later. With digital things, I feel like it gets lost on the hard drive and is less accessible or I even forget I have it completely.”

About Omnipress

Omnipress helps organizations collect, produce, and deliver educational resources for their members.

Products Include:

–Abstract Collection and Speaker Management Systems

–Conference Printing

–Digital Publishing Platforms

–Event Content Websites

–Mobile Event Apps

–Poster Print, Fulfillment, and Online Access

–CD and USB Production

–Print-On-Demand and Order Fulfillment (Continuing Education Training)

Our customers rely on us for our 35+ years of dedicated customer-service, vast knowledge of associations and undisputed dependability.

Are the Chinese Millennials any different from others with regard to Wine?

Verona, Italy (PRWEB) December 01, 2014

Only two days to go unitl wine2wine, the first event in Italy to be entirely dedicated to the wine business and organized by Vinitaly in collaboration with Federvini and Unione Italiana Vini, two days of seminars and workshops held by key players of business sectors targeting Italian wine producers, journalists and wine professionals.

The opening session of the event will be entirely dedicated to China, thus confirming the great importance ascribed to this growing wine market. It is not by chance that the title of the workshop, ”The new faces of the Chinese market”, reflects the young panellists, considered to be part of the Millennial Generation, also called the “Net generation.” The growing interest in wine in China is, in fact, strongly correlated to the circulation of internet lines and smartphones that today represent the main purchasing instrument amongst young Chinese consumers.

In fact, the Chinese wine market is currently undergoing an evident slowdown generated by the anti-corruption policies that have mostly affected local production. According to Yanni Wu, ex General Manager of WINE100 Challenge, this phenomenon is only to be considered as a moment of transition between two important phases: the “consumer era” of tomorrow and the “old glory days” of the past, when both imported wine and local production were undergoing a consistent growth and wine was still regarded almost exclusively as a gift. During the workshop Ms. Wu will be offering and overview of the current Chinese wine market as well as an in-depth analysis of the driving forces behind a generalized optimistic vision of the future, both from a microscopic and a macroscopic perspective.

According to Vinexpo Projections between 2013 and 2017, Chinese wine consumption will regain momentum by 33.8% growth in the course of the next five years to reach 230 million 9-litre cases by 2017 (Source: Vinexpo, 27 May 2014, Ms. Wu will highlight some of the barriers that need to be overcome in order to achieve this growth including the difficulty that consumers have when faced by the choice of where and what to buy and the need for a greater communication between professionals and the consumers themselves.

Next year’s first edition of the Shanghai Wine and Dine Festival could certainly offer a positive example in this sense: thanks to the coordination amongst wine, food and marketing experts, local consumers will have the opportunity to visit and get to know wines from all over the world, including those form the Italian Pavilion that will be entirely coordinated by Vinitaly.

Many of the attendees will no doubt also be coming to listen to Judy Chan, president of Grace Vineyard and considered to be one of the finest wine producers in China. Listed in most of the top-end hotels and restaurants in the country, Grace Vineyard has grown a great deal in recent years and has attracted such worldwide attention to become a Harvard Business School’s case study in 2008, thanks to the managerial talent of this young woman who took over the company from her father’s hands when she was only 24.

The Grace model has evolved throughout the years initially struggling to sell the concept of fine wine to Chinese buyers in a strongly segmented market where living habits greatly change from North to South. Today, Grace makes more than two million bottles a year, with grapes like the Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot in its Chairman’s Reserve.

A greater understanding of wine in general vis a vis Chinese wines will also benefit imported wines as consumers will gradually seek for something new and different. Hence the significant expected increase of local wine production over the next five years should not be considered a threat, but an opportunity for Italian wine producers.

“The formation of this panel is in many ways dedicated to the Millennials of China, not very different from their counterparts in other parts of the world.” explains Stevie Kim, Managing Director of Vinitaly International. “The main difference, however, is the fact that in China wine knowledge and consumption is still at its early stage but social media will foster to bridge this gap. Despite the recent economic slowdown, Millennials who now lead many corporate structures or entrepreneurs will become opinion leaders in lifestyle trends, including wine choices.”

Yang Lu, by many considered the best sommelier in China, wine director for Shangri-La Hotels and the only Advanced Sommelier from Greater China will also be speaking at the session offering an overview of consumer trends and what it takes to produce a good wine. He will also underline the difference between Hong Kong and Mainland China with regards to wine consumption patterns.

Sunny Zhang is editor-in-chief of Pinor Sommelier Magazine which embraces 150 Chinese sommeliers who actively engage Chinese wine lovers by using Pinor’s online and offline platform. Since its inception, Pinor Sommelier Magazinehas been fast growing in one of the most recognized wine media in China with a circulation of 370 thousand copies per issue in 20 cities, including 4 major wine markets: Beijing, Chengdu,Shanghai and Guangzhou. The Magazine is distributed among more than more 400 partners including five star hotels and high-end restaurants.


Veronafiere is the leading organizer of trade shows in Italy including Vinitaly (, the largest wine event in the world. The 48th edition of Vinitaly counted some 155,000 visitors (+6%) in four days of event, of which 56.000 were international attendees representing 36% of the total. On 100.000 square meters, 4.000 exhibitors welcomed trade professionals, media and producers alike. The next instalment of the fair will take place on 22 – 25 March 2015. The premier event to Vinitaly, OperaWine ( “Finest Italian Wines: 100 Great Producers,” will unite international wine professionals on March 21st 2015 in the heart of Verona, offering them the unique opportunity to discover and taste the 100 best Italian wines, as selected by Wine Spectator. In 1998 Veronafiere also created Vinitaly International to develop a global platform for the promotion of Italian wine producers in foreign markets such as Russia, China, USA and Hong Kong.

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