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Economics Assignment Economics As Name Indicate It Is The Most Important Subject Necessary For All

Economics is the study of consumption of goods and services, distribution, production so now we can understand the importance and utilization of economics. Every countries and households budget depend on their economics only because its measure their utilization and consumption.

In modern scenario education pattern has been changed every students want to become top in their field so they need to deep knowledge and all information about their subject so they get registered in colleges and school where they have all facility to take deep study but some time students has more doubts which they cant ask openly to their professors and teachers so they need extra source for solve their problem thats why now they can take Assignment Help. It is the easiest way to get all solution in a single minute, and assignment available is everywhere any time any where 24×7 in a week. Assignment help provides all the best solution and it is prepared by many experts which is very beneficial for everyone.

Every parent want to give best education to their child thats why they get enrolled in big colleges, school to their child many students has interest in economics subject so they are taking interest in this subject so if they face any problem regarding economics, income, expenditure so they can take help to their professors and Economics Assignment Help where students can get all notes, materials, research, and practical file so this is the most important and for all to get all solution of problems. Economics subject require full attention and setting goal to reach till our destination.

Economics also help in decision making, decision making process in management and in every organization also, so we mostly need of problem solving methods which can only provide by economics. It is the only subject with the help of we can count our income, countries growths so we can understand the importance of economics. It is also help to know our fiscal policy because it is the most useful for government.

Todays students are more interested in all subjects i.e. account, engineering, physics, management so students need all notes and materials so they can go for Accounting Assignment Help its provide best solution and answers for everyone. With the help of all assignment help students can check their efficiency and effectiveness. So now why we are getting late to use this best option to solve our problems, economics are only subjects where we can find every solution every note and every method so we could growth very soon.

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KardioFit, Inc. Changes Name to KrowdFit, Partners with Jawbone

Bend, Oregon (PRWEB) February 03, 2015

KardioFit, Inc., the leader in milestone driven cash rewards programs, today announced it will officially do business as KrowdFit. This change is reflective of an expanded vision, a broader commitment to health promotion, and accelerated business growth. KrowdFit is the first crowdfunded consumer and employee wellness rewards program that leverages the crowd (a.k.a. KROWD) to fund and promote a patent-pending, wellness program. The program is designed to reward the effort individuals make to live a healthy, active lifestyle. KrowdFit is member-driven and provides individuals with the ability to earn unlimited cash rewards, ranging from $ 125 a week to $ 5,000 per quarter, for engaging and sustaining a healthy, active lifestyle. .

KrowdFit members can also now track their activity using Jawbone’s latest UP biometric wearable products. Through its partnership with Jawbone, KrowdFit offers members wearable device bundles for the UPMove, UP24 and UP3 and includes a 12-month membership in its wellness rewards program. Existing Jawbone UP users can join KrowdFit and will be eligible to win $ 125 per week, $ 250 per month, $ 2,500 per quarter and/or $ 5,000 per quarter for tracking their meals, sleep, steps, and physical activity.

“Let’s face it, the obesity epidemic in the United States, in many respects, is a social problem. Collectively, we have the ability to create a healthy revolution!” said KrowdFit Founder and CEO Jim Miller. “If you’re already fit then KrowdFit is a bonus for you! You can join the KROWD and be rewarded for the healthy, active, lifestyle you already live. The cash rewards you win can be used to buy that new race bike, running shoes, or exercise equipment. If you’re just getting off the couch, KrowdFit is an approachable program that rewards the effort you make to get in shape. It helps you get over the hump to begin living a healthy, active lifestyle.”

KrowdFit was designed so that each person’s effort is rewarded equally with entries into cash giveaways where winners are randomly selected. There is no limit to how many times a member can win KrowdFit rewards, members simply cannot win the same reward in back-to-back periods. KrowdFit is currently paying out more than $ 30,000 per quarter in cash rewards to its members for engaging in healthy activities. As the KROWD grows, KrowdFit will continue to increase the rewards pool $ 10,000 per month for each new 5,000 members that join. KrowdFit also offers a $ 1 Million Fitness Sweepstakes with drawings held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to complement ongoing weekly, monthly, and quarterly wellness cash giveaways.

“KrowdFit has driven sustained engagement in excess of 70% over a 24 month period, with 97% of members uploading their biometric data at least weekly,” observed Dr. David Katz, founding director of Yale University’s Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center and KrowdFit advisor. “I am not aware of many wellness and prevention programs that are driving this level of engagement or that offer this type of opportunity to impact outcomes at the individual level.”

More about KrowdFit


Founded in 2009, KrowdFit is the leader in milestone driven wellness reward programs. KrowdFit’s mission is to create a “healthy revolution” by encouraging, recognizing and rewarding the consistent “effort” people make to live a healthy, active lifestyle. KrowdFit’s patent pending program has proven to drive high levels of sustained member engagement leading to positive outcomes and long-term, healthy behavioral change. Join the KROWD and help create a healthy revolution at:

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Pharmaceutical Brand Name Veteran Joins CannonCassidy

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) December 24, 2014

CannonCassidy announced the addition of Daniel Plaisance as Partner to the naming consultancy. Danny is a well-known and respected branding expert with 17 years specializing in pharmaceutical and medical device naming.

“Danny is the ideal addition to advance our naming consultancy,” said CannonCassidy Co-founders Bill Purdy and Bill Lippincott.

“Remaining a small consultancy with global expertise continues to be our committed position,” added Lippincott. Both Lippincott and Purdy had the good fortune of working with Plaisance at a previous branding firm for a combined 15 years. CannonCassidy now boasts 38 years of naming experience among the partners. CannonCassidy started in 2012 as an alternative to larger branding firms, so that the partners could better serve their clients—both large and small.

“With the ever-increasing regulatory stringency in today’s naming environment, innovative naming and understanding of naming strategy are niche skills. Danny is a rare breed that can balance FDA, EMA and Health Canada regulatory requirements with the commercial-legal complexities that accompany them. His experience, expertise and ethical approach are unquestionable, and right in line with the type of consultancy we are building,” said Purdy.

Danny’s past clients include Pfizer, Forest Laboratories, Bristol Myers Squibb, Novo Nordisk, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bayer and Actavis, among many others. Purdy, Plaisance and Lippincott have a long history together and have collaborated on dozens of huge, successful global brand name launches.

“As a new partner in our evolving firm, it’s a delight to be working with a trusted and experienced colleague again,” said Purdy.

“And the firm will be more perceptive moving forward,” added Lippincott.

Of his new post at CannonCassidy Danny stated: “This is an exciting time for me and our agency. I am thrilled to be working with my esteemed colleagues again, to better serve our global clients in a way that brings exceptional value to their brands.”

The addition of Danny Plaisance, in the words of the founders, “will let us remain the small, expert consultancy that is continually hired by large and small firms alike. Danny’s presence will allow us to keep that promise and enhance that capacity.”

About CannonCassidy

CannonCassidy is a specialized naming consultancy with numerous global and domestic clients on their roster in the CPG, Technology, Medical Device and Pharmaceutical industries. With no junior personnel of any kind, the partners provide elite and creative brand name development services; legal screening; naming strategy; name validation research; and linguistic analysis. Naming is so specialized they often work with companies’ existing AORs, law firms and regulatory authorities to ensure the successful completion of an assignment.

For more information, you can contact CannonCassidy at 704-817-8778 (via telephone), info(at)cannoncassidy(dot)com (via email) or by visiting

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