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New algorithm lets you make anything in origami

They say if you fold 1,000 origami cranes out of individual sheets of paper your deepest wishes will be granted. I tried it once: I was a lonely college kid and I ended up with pink eye. However, a new paper out of MIT describes a way to possibly make 1,000 origami cranes out of one piece of paper, a unique feat that is now a possibility thanks to a new origami algorithm.

Computer science has long struggled with computational origami. In 2008 Tomohiro Tachi first piece of software that can create folding patterns, usually out of long strips of paper. The new algorithm, however, uses a simpler, large sheet of paper and is more watertight, meaning it has more folds and fewer joints.

The new algorithm is supposed to give you much better, more practical foldings, said one of the researchers, Erik Demaine. We dont know how to quantify that mathematically, exactly, other than it seems to work much better in practice. But we do have one mathematical property that nicely distinguishes the two methods. The new method keeps the boundary of the original piece of paper on the boundary of the surface youre trying to make. We call this watertightness.

The algorithm, which will be added to the folding software to improve the system, means you can fold nearly anything including the 1,000 simple cranes with a big enough piece of paper.

What was known before was either cheating winding the polyhedron with a thin strip or not guaranteed to succeed, said math professor Joseph ORourke. Their new algorithm is guaranteed to produce a folding, and it is the opposite of cheating in that every facet of the polyhedron is covered by a seamless facet of the paper, and the boundary of the paper maps to the boundary of the polyhedral manifold their watertight property. Finally, the extra structural flash needed to achieve their folding can all be hidden on the inside and so is invisible.

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Contain Any Paper hearts Linked to Skiing Activity

Contain Any Paper hearts Linked to Skiing Activity
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Physical Paper Calendars

These days, people overlook printed things because everyone is so getting used to facing the computer for most of their day. These days things that are printed are more of an art form and card making can be considered one of them. Card making for calendar 2011 are mostly in the creation stages right now as it is pretty close to 2011 right now.

Creation and design

Designing and card making for the calendar 2011 is really going on right now, as the end of 2010 is nearing, there is quite a lot of fuss about card making the calendar 2011. There are quite a lot of different styles for making the upcoming calendar 2011. There are many companies at work in the creation of calendar 2011 as of the moment and some of them have taken the whole year to compile the material needed to create their calendar 2011. Card making is really not as easy as it sounds as these are professional card making companies and very noted professionals like photographers, graphic designers and artists. These and many more come into the card making part of calendar 2011.

Themes and concepts

There are quite a few things to take into consideration when creating a calendar concept, things like the theme of the whole calendar itself and what is to be achieved from the concept point of view. From there, you will have to take into account the locations at which you have to produce the background images and scenes depending on the theme. If models are used, schedules have to be properly planned and scheduled. There are also things that have to be taken into consideration like props and equipment, there is so much to plan and think about, plan and produce that if all goes well, the final product will be beautiful and flawless and people will take notice.

The printing process

The printing process is another story and after the production and creation of the concepts and themes, and of course after the editing process, there comes the printing process. The paper of course has to be chosen first and there are quite a lot of options available but the choices that have to be made are of vital importance. The final outcome will of course be the product of all the work and effort put into the project and more often that they come our very beautifully.

In terms of principles & outlook in life, that is, I guess, I am a strong willed person and that i am the type who “doesn’t go with the flow”. I have always been a believer of the paradigm that i don’t have to do a thing just because everybody is doing it. I value moral fiber and good sense of virtue.

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