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Role of Physical Therapists Assistants in Physical Therapy Sector

The assistants of physical therapist provide their services along with the physical therapists. These assistants help the medical practitioners in implementation of various physical therapies, so that patient can recover from their condition of disability and injury as soon as possible. If you are willing to build your career in the sector of physical therapy as physical therapists or assistant of physical therapist, you should definitely refer the websites of Physical Therapy San Jose. With the help of this article, we have given our prime focus on describing some essential of physical therapists assistants.

Duties and Responsibilities of Physical Therapists Assistants

The assistants of physical therapists are able to perform same tasks as that of physiotherapist, such as assisting their patients in various exercises, workouts, massages and electric simulation and so on. Physical therapy assistants mostly perform their task under the guidance and supervision of physical therapists, which are responsible for conducting rehab programs for patients. These assistants are basically active regarding monitoring and documentation of progress in patients.

Education and Training Requirements of Physical Therapists Assistants

The assistants of physical therapists should have to receive associate degree via accredited programs. This may incorporate under graduate education for two years. Now days, you may have online accredited programs easily via any of the online websites of California, such as website of Physical Therapy San Jose. The degree program for physical therapists assistants consist of both classroom and clinical instructions. The curriculum may incorporate life sciences as anatomy, physiology and many other life saving or first aid skills.

Working Environment of Physical Therapists Assistants

The assistants of physical therapists can provide their services in various rehabilitation centers, medical offices and medical hospitals and so on. However, these assistants have to be physical strong enough and fit, so that they can provide proper support to their patients. In addition, sometimes they may have to operate some of the heavy instruments. The working schedules of these assistants are solely dependent upon the requirements of employers. This means, the assistants of physical therapists have to work either for part time or full time depending upon the requirements of physical therapists.

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Plus-Size Fashion Magazine, SLiNK Debuts As The Only Printed Publication In The Plus-Size Sector

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 28, 2015

SLiNK Magazine, the only plus-size fashion and lifestyle glossy in print, is now available on US newsstands. In adding the US to the circulation, SLiNK Magazine is now available in 16 countries as the only plus-size fashion magazine on the newsstands. Plus-size women of this generation will finally have a fashion magazine that offers imagery with relatable physical representation! As the hub for all things plus-size fashion and lifestyle, SLiNK Magazine is Styling Curves and Fashioning Lives of curvy women EVERYWHERE.

Editor in Chief of SLiNK Magazine, Rivkie Baum, commented that: “The plus-size fashion market is one of the most exciting retail markets to be involved in right now. It is so exciting to see the US plus size fashion market not only growing, but really leading the way for other retailers internationally. There are so many great independents, retailers and designer brands in the US all shifting their attention to plus and we are excited to be able to champion them in our print glossy.”

The next issue of SLiNK, The Perfection Issue will be looking at our societies obsession with idealism and encouraging readers to maintain a healthy mind, body and soul at every size. Issue 16 will also unveil the launch of ‘Up, Out and Active’, SLiNK magazine’s new interactive fitness YouTube series (, as well as a cooking series in conjunction with designer Anna Scholz that aims to educate and inspire readers about being healthy at every size. SLiNK magazine is less plastic, more fantastic.

Editor-in-Chief, Rivkie Baum will be in the US and available for Media on June 18-22, 2015. For interview scheduling and/or enquires please contact:

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SLiNK Magazine



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SLiNK Magazine is ahead of the curve- in fact We Are the Curve.


Based in the UK, distributed in 15 countries, SLiNK Magazine is the leading printed plus size fashion magazine. Published privately, SLiNK is the concept of Editor in Chief, Rivkie Baum, SLiNK Magazine has been championing plus size fashion in print since 2011. For more information visit our website at

About – DDHPR:

DDHPR is a boutique marketing & public relations firm catering to an eclectic roster of fashion, beauty, curve, multicultural, non-profit and artist clients. For more information, please visit

Commitments of High-Impact Nonprofits Framework Developed by the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities is Poised to Empower Social Services Sector in 2015

Washington D.C. (PRWEB) January 29, 2015

The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities is excited to share insights, lessons, and successes from the first six months of its industry-leading framework, The Commitments of High-Impact Nonprofit Organizations. It also is offering additional resources for 2015.


In the face of growing pressure to achieve, elevate, and document community impact, human-serving nonprofits need a methodology that empowers them to maximize capacities and meet stakeholder standards. The Commitments is a specific framework of approaches, values, and disciplines that outline the path to genuine community impact in today’s challenging environment by pursuing organizational excellence in the following Commitments areas:

Leading with Vision
Governing for the Future
Executing on Mission
Partnering with Purpose
Measuring that Matters
Investing in Capacity
Co-Creating with Community
Innovating with Enterprise
Engaging All Voices
Advancing Equity

The Commitments framework is an outgrowth of the Alliance’s Strategy Counts Initiative, made possible by The Kresge Foundation, as well as Alliance member organization feedback, an extensive literature review, and the Alliance’s more than 100 years of experience as a leading network of human-serving nonprofit organizations. Going beyond a mere checklist of ideas and recommendations, the Commitments framework is backed by a deep array of learning and evaluation tools through the Alliance—from webinars to peer exchange groups.

The Alliance believes these Commitments will stand the test of time as a proven framework for nonprofit organizational high performance and durable change.

“When we initially rolled out the Commitments in August 2014, it was evident our field was seeking a clear path toward achieving real impact that strengthens communities,” said Alliance President and CEO Susan Dreyfus. “We have the history, the member network, and the expertise to provide that pathway, and it’s been encouraging to see how organizations have embraced the Commitments.”

There is no stipulated sequence or pace to the Commitments framework, nor is it a rote set of compliance or accreditation standards. Instead, it’s universally applicable to human-serving organizations regardless of size, complexity, maturity level, or program orientation. “We don’t just prescribe practices,” Dreyfus said. “We guide and assist organizations to pursue excellence in each Commitment area.”


Several organizations already are experiencing value from the Commitments. “The Alliance is serving as a touchstone and model, and as a guide to helping all of us increase our successes,” said Dennis Richardson, president and CEO of Hillside Family of Agencies, Rochester, New York.

To achieve high impact, organizations must be advocates first and service providers second, measuring success not in services but in the number of people able to free themselves from poverty.

“Because of the Commitments, more human-serving nonprofits and the communities they serve will have brighter futures and better experiences,” said Tracy Feild, director and manager of the Child Welfare Strategy Group at the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Optimal organizational performance is a necessary foundation for impact. The uniqueness of the Commitments, however, is that they guide not just an organization’s what, but its how and why.

“Being committed to ‘Partnering with Purpose,’ [for example], means future efforts will not only be aligned, but they’ll be more strategic and better able to take on the complexities of our community’s challenges,” said Brian Gallagher, president and CEO of United Way Worldwide.

A number of Alliance network members also are incorporating the Commitments framework into their 2015 strategic planning processes.


This spring, the Alliance will introduce its Commitments Assessment Tool. Developed in conjunction with the highly respected American Institutes for Research, the Assessment Tool will reach deep into an organization to comprehensively evaluate its capacities against the standards in each Commitment area.

Organizations will be able to benchmark their Commitments maturity against peer organizations and identify priorities for improvement. Areas of strength also can be lifted up and shared as best practices.

The Assessment Tool currently is being piloted by more than 30 organizations.

Through the Alliance’s scope and reach, the Commitments framework has the potential to substantially transform and accelerate the entire sector’s journey toward excellence and genuine impact, fostering recognition and support for its role in society.

“In this signature work, we’ve captured the purpose, the difference, and the value of America’s nonprofit human-serving sector, and we are aligning every part of our value proposition to help our members embed and live these Commitments every day,” Dreyfus said.

The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities is a national organization dedicated to achieving a vision of a healthy society and strong communities for all children, adults, and families. The Alliance works for transformational change by representing and supporting its network of hundreds of nonprofit human-serving organizations across North America as they translate knowledge into best practices that improve their communities. Working with and through its member network on leadership and advocacy, the Alliance strives to achieve high impact by reducing the number of people living in poverty; increasing the number of people with opportunities to live healthy lives; and increasing the number of people with access to educational and employment success. Go to for more information.

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