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The Importance of Literature

Why is literature important to you?
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8 Responses to The Importance of Literature

  • Wahid Yakobi says:

    i think i get the whole idea of what literature is. Its the imaginations
    you perceive in your mind when reading a word or a sentence. for example “i
    was swimming in the deep blue ocean”, from this sentence i would imagine in
    my mind that i am physically swimming in a blue ocean and at the same time
    i would have in mind how deep the ocean is. everyone has there own
    interpretation of their imaginations. one could imagine a light blue ocean
    and another a dark blue ocean and that is what makes literature so rich.

  • Adam Fairbairn says:

    While it was a moving video – “you got mad skills” – I believe the
    definition of literature is the apex of a culture’s written works – not
    every catalogue of every fact that happens to be written down.

  • AgreenRN says:

    I really enjoyed this video!

  • Ann Ninjah Mindless says:

    @michaelwach thnks

  • Jennifer Mulvey-Farrell says:

    Love it!

  • Ann Ninjah Mindless says:

    what software did u use?

  • Mike Wach says:

    Adobe AfterEffects & Photoshop CS5

  • Michael Cagape says:

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    my post everyday. New inspirational poem everyday. See you there. Thanks!
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