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The Last Well Helps Liberian Clinic Tackle Ebola by Providing Clean Drinking Water

Sulphur Springs, Texas (PRWEB) November 25, 2014

In response to the worst Ebola outbreak in history, nonprofit organizations and government agencies are setting up clinics across Liberia and the other African nations impacted by the disease. While most people are aware that these clinics require medicine, trained personnel and other resources common to medical centers, they’re often unaware that many such clinics lack a single precious commodity—clean water. That’s why The Last Well has partnered with Living Water International to supply clean water to Bong County Ebola Treatment Center in north-central Liberia.

For an Ebola treatment center to effectively provide care, it requires at least 15 gallons of water a day per patient. This is used for drinking, washing clothes and medical equipment, disinfecting bodies and washing hands. The challenge is that treatment centers lack this amount of water, and the supply they do have often is contaminated.

The Last Well and Living Water International are solving this problem for Bong County Ebola Treatment Center by digging a new well that supplies all the required fresh water for the center and the surrounding community. The treatment center well project is just one of the 72 that the organizations have completed in Bong County during 2014.

“Ebola has killed more than 2,700 Liberians since the outbreak started, but by providing clean water, we’ve saved the lives of 8,600 people,” said TLW founder Dr. Todd Phillips. “We’re not abandoning the country because of the disease, and in fact, we are redoubling our efforts to provide all Liberians with clean water and the Good News of Jesus Christ by 2020.”

Hand-washing is one of the most effective ways to stem the spread of Ebola, and yet more than 800,000 Liberians still lack access to the clean water needed. Washing hands with dirty water—not to mention drinking and cooking with it—carries the hidden risk of waterborne disease, which claims the lives of up to 700 Liberians each week.

“We can’t tackle Ebola in Liberia while forgetting the immense challenge posed by lack of access to clean drinking water,” Phillips said. “As we celebrate Thanksgiving and the limitless supply of water our families will enjoy during this holiday, I hope more people will be moved to help those who don’t have such a privilege. A donation of just $ 20 provides one Liberian with clean water for life.”

Anyone wanting to empower TLW to bring clean water border-to-border in Liberia can donate via the organization’s website at Those who prefer to send a check can do so to:

The Last Well

attn. Jennifer Holland

PO Box 1153

Rowlett, TX 75030

About The Last Well

The Last Well exists to do something that has never been done: “provide access to clean water for the entire nation of Liberia — border to border — and offer the Gospel to every Liberian we serve by 2020.” At the same time, we’re encouraging the next generation of Christ-followers to live out God’s purpose for the church and to be the agent of change for the world, regardless of the need. Learn more at

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