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The Quest For The Cures…Continues Episode 1: Modern Medicine & the Cancer Pandemic – 28 Doctors, 11 Scientists, and 9 Survivors Break Their ‘Code Of Silence’ And Expose The TRUTH About Cancer And Exactly H…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to The Quest For The Cures…Continues Episode 1: Modern Medicine & the Cancer Pandemic

  • DianeDi says:

    Interesting interview at the end of the video. This woman did the right
    thing not having her lymp nodes removed. From what I understand, our
    lymp nodes can be compared to a sewer system, constantly removing toxins
    from our body, they are part of our immune system. 

  • JAM Ventura says:

    I love what you’re doing for cancer. I have a question though I suffer from
    ankylosing spondylitis an autoimmune disease, I was wonder if you know of
    anything that could help me? Any information would be great and I would be
    thankful. I suffer greatly and nothing is helping. 

  • Shawn Contreras says:

    I cannot believe there are people this evil out there that have all of the
    money in the world and will push it onto people to sell drugs and fight
    natural cures, just because it doesn’t make them more money. It is just
    insane that there are people that evil, making money off of the people who
    are suffering and dying, and they’re able to sleep at night. How is there a
    god on this earth that could allow such a thing, or is he made up by evil
    people too? 

  • Richard Karpinski says:

    Episode 1 is wrong. The cause is not some lurking problem that will make
    that cancer recur even if you succeed in removing or killing every cancer
    cell in your body. The problem IS the cancer cells, but ONLY when they
    accidentally protect themselves from the normal functioning of the immune
    system with nagalase, Alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase.

    Specifically aneuploidy, having the wrong set of chromosomes IS the cause
    of cancer. That’s how non-mutagenic carcinogens can cause cancers. Every
    cancer has too many copies of some chromosomes and too few of others, some
    missing entirely. You are right that slash, burn, and poison do not work
    very well. You are right that often that leaves enough cancer cells and in
    particular cancer stem cells so that the cancer recurs.

    But read about the aneuploid theory of cancer. That’s true and Duesberg and
    Rasnick have shown that very clearly in their papers.and books. But what
    even they don’t understand is the key fact that all the cancers that
    oncologists encounter have inhibited the immune system from killing them as
    they actually do with almost all cancers we make. The ones they see have
    ALL accidentally elevated the blood level of nagalase. That prevents
    T-cells and B-cells from removing two specific sugars from the triple sugar
    on vitamin D binding protein, VDBP, turning it into GcMAF, the macrophage
    activating factor.

    Nobuto Yamamoto figured that out and made GcMAF in his lab. His small
    experiments with fifteen or sixteen patients were 100 percent successful,
    but they took thirty to fifty weeks to work, and all his patients were
    Japanese, young, otherwise healthy, and non-anemic. Immuno Biotech Ltd.
    also make GcMAF, but they add oleic acid which greatly improves the power
    of the process, so they see 25% reduction in tumor size in the first week
    of treatment. Just see the three top hits from Google Scholar when you ask
    about GcMAF oleic acid. The papers are freely available there.

    Ask DickKarpinski gmail for answers to any questions these remarks may

  • Judith Brooks says:

    I had a breast cancer diagnosis in 2012 and I had to fight with all of my
    doctors because I would not take traditional treatment. If I hadn’t had
    such resolve, I would have caved in. They really scared me and I started
    to think that I was taking the wrong action or lack of action. The only
    exception was when I talked with Dr John McDougall and he explained all of
    my options – and recommended I have a lumpectomy and no other treatment.
    He recommended that I lose weight and get very very skinny (to eliminate
    the hormone stimulus) and that I follow a strict plant-based diet with no
    junk food. I have lost some weight and follow a plant-based diet, but I
    need to do more. After watching this, it has given me the resolve (and the
    push) to really get my weight down, to not put any junk food in my mouth
    and to exercise more regularly. I guess I got lazy and complacent and it
    was out of sight, out of mind …. and I could fool myself that it wouldn’t
    come back. Well, I am not going to continue to put myself in a position
    where I wake up in 2 or 3 years to more lumps. It will be too late then.
    I will act now. THANK YOU for this series!

  • Trey Sinegal says:

    Guavas, Beans, WaterCress, Spinach, Onions, Carrots, Cabbage, Broccoli,

  • August Zabriskie says:

    I’m just a novice on this subject, but being made of flesh and bone and
    blood I am concerned about cancer. If I understand correctly, 1 in 2 men
    and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Frankly,
    that scares me into doing what I can to avoid being a statistic. It would
    seem self evident that a person in robust health via diet, exercise,
    sunshine, fresh air along with as little exposure to toxic chemicals and
    all that would be much less apt to get mutated cells and be more resilient
    to defending against them should they occur. Prevention before the cure.
    I have watched several friends and relatives undergo chemotherapy and
    radiation for various cancers, and frankly it tore my heart out to see the
    suffering they were undergoing. Only one of them is still alive today.
    Anyway, being uneducated in the sciences but always looking around and
    reading etc. I discovered something that is very troubling to me. Perhaps
    someone with more experience could help me clear it up or at least help me
    understand it. What I am talking about is a rancor and animosity to the
    ideas and research of anyone who has a differing theory. I mean, if we had
    a preventative and a cure, or at least something successful, who would know
    it? Everyone is arguing and disagreeing and name calling and refusing to
    consider any other ideas but their own. (I’m not referring to this
    site) Why can’t they just put everything out there on the table, keep open
    minds and seek for the common good? I know money gets in the way, but my
    God, millions of people are suffering and dying. What am I missing?

  • mythoughtsalone says:

    The Eugenic movement have been harping on about population control 50 year
    or more, as they are all part of the Elite, the idea of introducing cancer
    to the public was started in the 60’s by using an under ground Laboratory
    to experiment on monkeys and produce a cancer causing Virus, Read the book
    Dr Mary’s Monkey by Edward Haslam, this virus was added to polio vaccines,
    and if you look on You Tube you will see a Scientist confessing to it…

  • The Truth About Cancer says:
  • Canna Helper says:

    Join and watch these episodes~28 Doctors~11 Scientists~9 Survivors And 1
    “FDA Dragon Slaying” Attorney Break Their ‘Code Of Silence’ And Expose The
    TRUTH About Cancer And Exactly How To Prevent, Treat And Beat it 100%

  • Scott Minto says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do this documentary. My only hope
    is that people will finally stop to take the time and do some research
    about cancer……especially about the natural approach. The problem is
    that we have all been brainwashed, including the doctors. I vividly
    remember the day that my father was diagnosed with cancer. Prior to seeing
    the doctor, my sister, my father and I all agreed that if it was cancer, we
    wanted no parts of chemo. The doctor delivered the grim news. We sat and
    tried to absorb the shock. The doctor was so cold and callous. I guess
    because he did this everyday and it was just routine to him. We told the
    doctor about our decision and asked about a natural approach, and he
    laughed at us…..literally laughed at us……and dismissed us from his
    office by saying that if we even considered anything other than chemo, then
    it was time for us to leave his office and never return. Imagine that!!!!
    I wish I could tell you that my father continued to thrive and beat the
    cancer diagnosis; however, he did not. My father fell into a deep well of
    depression and basically gave up any hope because he was given none by the
    doctor other than the chemo. My heart aches every day when I think about
    my dad and the sadness that resonated through him because of that doctor.
    I believed then and I believe now that he would still be here today if he
    had just been given the chance. 


    Thank you for all this information, thank you thank you… from the bottom
    of my heart and my son who is in stage 4 cancer and has decided no chemo,
    we are surviving every single day and beating the odds

  • Angie NaturePassionInspirationHolistic says:

    powerful ♥ and shared on my Facebook ~ God’s Garden Of Eden

  • Kate Johansson says:

    My mother died of “breast” cancer in 1990. Two years after she found a
    small lump in her breast. After she had her breasts cut off and had
    endured poisoning radiation & chemo. She went from a 60 something, healthy
    woman to looking like she was eighty something. Then lost her hair. The
    cancer just kept spreading. In the end the cancer spread into her liver.
    Never once did all the poisons or “surgeries” do ANYTHING to slow the
    cancer. With a 2 % success rate of “curing” cancer, it is astonishing that
    the medical industrial complex is able to get so many participants willing
    to sacrifice their savings, bodies and lives to their horrors.

  • Andrea Michelotti says:

    please….caption this film. I am deaf and I dont understand what they are
    saying. I am very interested to know. please help me. Thanks. 

  • Madrew Swanson Brewer says:

    Dr Wallach Has been sharing Nutrition for over 40 Years this is not New
    look up get healthymadrew

  • Bob Iguchi says:

    I love my family and friends. The journey suzi and I have taken has been
    very interesting. The quest for the cure is the best overview on what we
    have learned. I would encourage everyone to take a look at videos
    especially if you know someone that has cancer or you are worried for
    yourself or a loved one. Having the courage to think outside the box is
    critical but can save your life. Namo Amida butsu

  • Barbara Smith says:
  • Judy Carter says:

    So with all that was said, it is better not to know you have cancer? I
    also have an autoimmune disease, UCTD, which might be Scleroderma, so
    basically my body is attacking itself. How can you fight cancer cells with
    a comprised immune system? 

  • wowbenji says:

    I ordered the hero package for my aggressive cancer and about half of the
    raw videos do not work online or via downloads. Is something wrong as noone
    is answering my ticket questions. Is there a site to ask questions like
    this or for updates..maybe this is the case with everyone–some of it plays
    and downloads and others do not 24 videos dont work

    please help as it was very hard for me to get the money for these with no
    one to help and no money and battling this on my own pretty much,..I want
    to be able to watch what I paid for and not waste my money..there were a
    few drs who I bought the videos to hear what they said and naturally these
    dont work I feel cheated and hope you and by these and get them working as
    I want the videos more than a refund.

  • Pia Hopkins says:


  • Kimberlee Goyette says:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication and research on
    cancer. My mom passed way Oct. 2nd 2014 after loosing her battle with NHL
    cancer. I was told by her Dr. that her cancer was incurable. That unlike
    other types of cancer Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma has no cure. My mom was 55
    years old. She tried juicing asparagus and drinking Essiac tea and it
    helped some but the cancer still won. I wish I could have found her a cure
    in time. Her cancer was caused from repeated 24D and Dioxin exposure. It
    was sprayed in her garden and she unknowingly ate the sprayed foods. Do you
    think that cancer caused from something like this could ever be cured? Or
    do you think it was a losing battle from the begining?

  • Judith Kingsbury says:

    As I’ve been saying since my TV investigative reporting days, and in my
    books, when you understand there’s no money in broccoli, then you
    understand why you have to be your own reporter and figure out the truth
    about food. There’s no corporation, lobby or association that makes
    broccoli. Drs. Barnard and McDougall have been singing from this same
    “doctors don’t get educated on nutrition” for decades. When I taught Dr.
    Barnard’s Cancer Project cooking classes for 6 years, results were typical.
    Weight loss, diabetes reversal, heart disease and hypertension gone, and
    cancer stopped.

    At a new student lunch at USC, I happened to sit next to the former exec.
    director of a cancer hospital in San Diego. He was all fired up about
    writing a book about his own hospital having no interest in curing cancer.
    He told me, if he wasn’t killed, he’d send me a link when the book came
    out. Never heard from him…

    Oh, btw, I’m the only female in my family without breast cancer. Mom, aunt
    and BOTH sisters. Plus most of my family of origin all had diabetes and
    heart disease. Throw in arthritis and osteoporosis as well. All while I’m
    7th in the US for my age group in the 1500 meters, 10th in the 400 meters,
    16th in the the 200 meters, 19th in the 100 meters. I have placed in 73 5K
    or longer races since ’06 “just” on plants. My sprint times are just a few
    seconds slower than NCAA college girls, and as a result, experts say I
    should not have ever finished a marathon. But I’ve done that twice, as
    recently as January.

    We were part of the original breast cancer gene studies with Myriad
    Genetics. We had hoped it might lead to a cure. You would think doctors and
    researchers would be lined up at my door to figure out what I’ve done
    differently to avoid the family scourge.

    Love the line about maybe “some investigative reporter will do this story.”
    Um…I worked in St. Louis, home of Monsanto. We couldn’t touch them. I sat
    next to Jane Akre, star of “The Corporation.” It’s all about her attempt
    and ultimate firing from a TV station when she tried to do that story.
    Toward the end of my career, broadcasting magazines extolled the death of
    consumer and investigative reporting at the local level because media
    outlets, increasingly beholden to the stockholder, were about reducing
    exposure to lawsuits.

    Great interviews. Wish I had the resources and production to put together
    some days from my life of cooking classes, lectures and athletic
    accomplishments I’ve been investing my time and money in since the 18.
    Ah…but no money in broccoli. 

  • gsgrl2000 says:

    Excellent! This relates to my chronic illness called Mycotoxicosis which
    can cause cancer because it is a poisoning of one’s body from mycotoxins,
    this is another issue that is not well known about! The majority of most
    people in the world are exposed to mycotoxins which then makes and / or
    mutates your cells into these cells that don’t die. I have strongly felt
    that it is the toxins not your genes that are the issue when it comes to
    cancer and other illness. www dot gsgrl2000 dot wordpress dot com

  • Sheilahma Renaud says:

    No sugar folks! Sugar feeds the pathogenic bacteria that supports cancer!
    Stevia will sweeten and won’t hurt you. And no flour products!…pastries,
    cookies, crackers, pasta, white rice, etc…Get back to simple foods,
    straight off the vine. Eat lots of dark leafy veggies…with avocado,
    apple cider vinegar and Bragg’s Amino Acids (at health food stores across
    the country). And get your proteins!…wild-caught salmon, …soak your
    almonds and sunflower seeds for a blended dip,…yams and tahini dressing
    are good…fill up on nature’s bounty! Our bodies are self-healing
    mechanisms. Give Nature a chance!

  • Justin Martin says:

    Beautiful band.

  • W.L. Drakn says:


  • TK Krpec says:

    I’ve found myself in the river of wind floating in bliss. This band has
    shown me that there are others out there who believe and feel as deeply as
    I do. I hope in unity we can spread this intensity and kindness to all of
    our brothers and sisters. Don’t shy away from embracing each other. Peace
    and Love. <3

  • hawkeye4ever says:

    After listening to this for a few months on youtube I have now ordered the
    CD. I want to show my appreciation for the artists.

  • Kyle Treacy says:

    I can not get over you guy’s, your music, you love! I love you guy’s so
    much. And I plan on doing everything in my power to catch up with you one
    day and maybe learn a few more things then I already have through your
    music! <3 Peace and love my friends!

  • Frank Hogue says:

    Sriously some deep lyrics with this band. Never have I seen a current band
    with such intensity and love. LOVE this band. Its a rarity to have a band
    with this much depth nowadays :-)

  • Patrick Beernuts says:

    I will see you at Shang Nahko!

  • imcrazyforwar says:

    you all are truly medicine for the people, in a world full of garbage music
    with negative messages, this is truly uplifting

  • Wolfbrood says:

    Beautiful, amazing lyrics. The energy of this music is acting as a catalyst
    for alot of positive changes in my life + helping me to notice what’s
    already good ! 🙂 Things are getting better and better. Thankyou Nahko and
    Medicine for the People
    Sending you love and light!

  • Frank Wouldntuliketaknow says:

    I have to agree with +randywatchingbush and Frank. THis band is incredible
    and eye opening. Pay attention to the lyrics and believe that people have
    so much more potential than what they are doing now. Its all within. Peace.

  • siouxsielover88 says:

    Very quickly becoming my favorite band. 

  • MoonMachine7 says:

    I pondered with the universe to bring me music somehow someway that put
    words and melody together that spoke of the things i know of life and have
    been discovering about the universe and myself. I was lead here. Thank
    you. Namaste.

  • Shawn Corrigan says:

    Nahko and friends much love.

  • Tyler Drakon says:

    its a rarety to see people with this much love, and truth seeking. everyone
    is trying to “go forward” or “focus on reality”. well the reality of the
    matter is that we should be moving forward to a better world. tear down the
    skyscrapers and plant a world of Redwoods!! And all other plant life,
    animal life, human life.. live free

  • Jim Hyder says:

    I love each and every line of every song. Music I wondered where it had
    gone so many years ago. Here is a great band!

  • apache11 says:

    There’s a river in the wind
    I’ve floated it before
    There’s a sliver in your grin
    I know who it is for
    And there is magic in the skin
    of the woman I adore
    Know each other to the core
    So thankful.

  • Curtis Henry-Swagert says:

    “Oh I will always be apart of that *Darkness*,
    All though I’d say it’s pretty equal to my *Light*.
    *: )*

  • Rachel McMurray says:

    OH MAN. OH MAN. I have never been happier for any album release in my
    entire life. I love you so much, thank you thank you brothers and sisters!

  • Ann Onimus says:

    3:33 and on is flipping magical

  • Matthew Francis says:

    hahahahahahaha hohohohooh hehehehe 🙂 i love music

  • Laura Kacsir says:

    Do you mean from 0:00 on?

  • Hathus Totila says:

    so i went to papas grave and i burned him some sage, I said thank you but I
    aint ever gonna know ya

  • Yin Yang says:


  • grdman73 says:

    this is my kind of medicine!!

  • Abacus Gene says:

    I’ve been spreading the medicine to the people ever since I had the chance
    to see them in Mass with Los Rackas and SOJA. My friend asked me for about
    half an hour to go to this concert and I didn’t wanna go…Sure glad I did,
    now I have a new band and new music. They were jaw dropping in person.

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