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Time to Get Physical Power

When you meet across a confrontation, you should defuse it as possible as you can. But when violent deeds can not be avoided, you should physically protect yourself from being injured. There are some tips for you.

You should learn some basic self-defense techniques. The more techniques you master, the more tools you can choose from when being attacked. But you would better focus on several important and useful techniques and make frequent practice of these techniques. If there are so many ideas in your mind, you can not choose the right one immediately to protect yourself.

When confronting an attacker, you should know when to hit. You need to act immediately and strike toward the opponent’s vulnerable areas. Eyes and throat are the common targets in fighting. You can gain the upper hand if you are fast enough to hit your assailant before he hits you.

When your life is in danger, you should try every means to protect yourself and there is no code of honor to abide by. You can make full use of all parts of body. Nails, teeth, and spit are all fair game.

As mentioned above, you should strike the vulnerable areas such as eyes and throat. There are other areas you can target to get the upper hand. You can give a strike to the knees, which can effectively cripple your opponent. A strike to the nose is also useful. In this way, you can leave your assailant blood. If your assailant does not have a toned tummy, abdomen might be a good place to attack. In addition, you can choose your opponent’s ears, fingers and loose skin as the attack target.

When you fight back, you should attack with your full force. If you are striking fast enough, you can generate a lot of power. You can build speed by practicing strikes as much as you can in one minute. If you are not powerful enough, you can practice some certain strikes which do not require much power. They also work very effectively as long as you penetrate the vulnerable area.

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