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Top Phoenix Orthopedic Doctor at FXRX Now Offering Five Effective Treatments for Avoiding Knee Replacement

FXRX – Top Orthopedic Surgeons in Phoenix Metro (480) 449-FXRX

Dr. Sumit Dewanjee, the Board Certified Phoenix orthopedic surgeon at FXRX, is now offering five effective treatments to help patients avoid or delay the need for knee replacement. New options include stem cell procedures, which offer the potential to repair and regenerate the damage from degenerative or rheumatoid arthritis. Call (480) 449-3979 for more information and scheduling.

While Dr. Dewanjee has been a top knee replacement doctor in Phoenix for the past decade, he understands it should be considered a last resort for patients.

He stated, “Knee replacements are over 90% effective for my patients, but they are not meant to last forever. Therefore, I offer cutting edge options to provide relief nonoperatively as well.”

This includes revolutionary stem cell procedures, which have minimal risk and are performed as an outpatient. Dr. Dewanjee has seen very impressive results with the procedures, which use either bone marrow aspirate or are derived from amniotic fluid that is processed at an FDA regulated lab. In his patient population, excellent results have been seen in over 85% of patients for over six months.

Additional injection procedure options include hyaluronic acid with Synvisc along with traditional cortisone. The procedures have a long track record for knee arthritis, and usually provide months of satisfactory relief.

Knee bracing with an unloader are able to take pressure off the arthritis part of a patient’s knee, and shift it to the less affected side. The braces are customized to the patient for maximum comfort, and routinely allow patients the ability to increase activity along with excellent relief.

Along with these treatments, FXRX utilizes physical therapy routinely. With therapy, patients strengthen the muscles around the knee, which takes pressure off the arthritic joint.

Most insurance is accepted at FXRX, and treatment is provided in a first rate setting located in Tempe. Dr. Dewanjee has received the Patient’s Choice Award for seven years in a row for his expertise, compassion and time spent with patients.

For treatment with an orthopedic surgeon Phoenix trusts and respects, call FXRX today at (480) 449-3979.

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