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Vehicles For Physically Challenged

The Indian Government is putting best efforts to give mobility to individuals with physical disability. A declaration has been made in the Parliament just now that Indian car designers and manufacturers should now focus on producing more cars to suit the requirement of the physically disabled people. There are many cars offered in the Indian car market which can be changed on specific order to outfit the disability of an individual. The Indian Government also offers excise duty concessions on vehicle for physically challenged.

Below is the list of the cars that are modified according to the requirement of individuals with physical disability.

· Tata Motors has redesigned Tata Indigo with a hand operated brake and accelerator to make it perfect for a person who has a right limb disability. A button console can be fixed to control the lights and the horn. The controls of this car are dual in nature and do not affect the standard controls.

· Mahindra has designed Scorpio especially for the people who are suffering from one or both limb disability. The Scorpio is equipped with a hand activation brake accelerator and clutch. The switch comfort can be upgraded for operating the headlights, parking lights and horns. The steering knob of this Sport Utility Vehicle can also be accustomed for simple steering.

· Toyota Motors has advanced model of Toyota Innova and made it suitable for people who have a right limb disability. The SUV can be updated with a hand operated brake and accelerator. A switch comfort is fitted for easy process of all electrical. The customized model appears with controls that are twin in nature and do not concern the normal controls of the car. Toyota also customizes the Corolla Automatic. Here, the furnish controls are dual in temperament and do not hamper with the normal foot controls.

· The Honda City is a finest car that can be customized for an individual with either limb disability or both limb disabilities. Excellent hand operated brake and accelerator with a switch console with admission to all the electrical appliances and the horn can be protected on the brake lever for easy direction and management.

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