Wealth In A Box is an online marketing course by Jamie Lewis. Mr. Lewis teaches the course by revealing exactly how he earns money on the internet. He also teaches traffic generation, both paid and free. Jamie Lewis does an outstanding job teaching his methods. The best thing about his guidance is that he presents the material in a way that is easy to follow, and easy to understand.


After receiving the download instructions, I immediately began studying the course, and started applying some of the methods to my own internet marketing business. About a week after purchasing Wealth in a Box, I received a telephone call from a sales representative who had found out about my purchase. After talking with him, he referred me to another representative, who would be my only contact from that point forward. He explained to me that, in order to benefit the most from Wealth in a Box, I should have someone literally “hold my hand” while building my online marketing business. My first question was, “How much is this going to cost me?” He said that others have paid as much as $ 15,000 for personal instruction. Then, he inquired about my present financial situation. I did not tell him very much. In fact, one could say that I was rather vague. After that, he offered to provide me with personal instruction for the one time price of $ 3,900. At first, I was interested, but very, very skeptical. Therefore, I decided to check it out.


First, I sent an email to the support team at Wealth in a Box. They did not respond. I sent a second email, and again, there was no response. For the next few days, the sales representative called me at least three times daily. At this time, I was still skeptical, but I was interested enough to check it out. Finally, I talked to him. I asked him if he worked for Wealth in a Box. He said he did not, but, that he was with an affiliated company. He willingly gave me the name of the company. I then asked what I needed to do. He instructed me to send the money to him in a wire transfer. I asked him if I could just use my bank debit card, but he did not want to handle the transaction in this manner. He said that the wire transfer was easier for him. By this time, I was even more skeptical. However, I asked him to give me the instructions for a wire transfer. Immediately, he gave me a bank’s name and address, the routing number and an account number, claiming that this was the bank he used. Then, he instructed me to transfer $ 3,900 to that account. The next day, I searched the bank on Google, and discovered that there actually is such a bank, and it has its own web site. Also, the web site identified the bank’s branch locations. I found the exact address that the sales representative gave me, and a telephone number as well. I called the bank, and spoke with a lady. I asked if she had ever heard of Wealth in a Box, the name of the company, or the name of the sales representative. The lady refused to give me any information. I then explained, in detail, the instructions the sales representative had given me for the wire transfer, and almost begged her to help me. All she would do is tell me not to do it. She indicated that it was probably fraud, and that the bank recently had many fraudulant transactions of this nature in the amount of $ 3,900. Then, I called the sales representative, and revealed to him what I found out. He suddenly appeared as if he was in a state of panic. He said that he was going to call the bank. He even had to ask me for the bank’s telephone number, which aroused my suspicion even more. About ten minutes later, he called me again and offered to handle the transaction through my bank debit card. I told him that I had to think about it. I never heard from him again.


Let me clarify that I am not stating the fact that this is a scam. I am merely describing my experience in dealing with the sales representative. However, I do have an opinion. My opinion is, the synopsis I have described is a scam. I am also of the opinion that Wealth in a Box, and Jamie Lewis have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with it. There is one other peculiarity that reinforces my opinion. Wealth in a Box, according to their web site, is based in Connecticut. However, the sales representative, and the bank are based in another area of the country, which is not even close to Connecticut. I may be wrong, but this is only my opinion. I highly recommend Wealth in a Box. I believe it is one of the most excellent decisions I have made. However, if you decide to purchase the course, please use caution. Keep your guard up.


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