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WEAR Introduces the Industry’s Most Precise All Weather Wearable Tracker

Paris, France (PRWEB) April 08, 2015

The WEZR team, an innovative weather tracking technology company, today announced that it has created the WEZR all weather wearable tracker. WEZR is a new way of thinking about, reading and using the weather forecast.

WEZR is the first company that delivers an innovative, carefully engineered smart weather wearable adapter for you.

“Today, new technology tools, consumer performance expectations, the immediacy of the connected world we are moving towards a demand forecasting much more accurate weather in time and place, tailored to the activities and individual,” stated Stephane Diner, co-founder at WEZR. “These types of forecasts can’t be based only on weather models and even less in the long term but instead on now casting, more accurate, safer, and collaborative ultra local. WEZR uses both models but also all available observations, including those of its sensors to correct and constantly refine the forecast in the short term.”

The increasingly vital need for immediacy and performance boosted by Ntic pushes us towards a new way to use these forecasts. The current trend in applications is to offer a weather application with forecasts increasingly early in time: 2, 3, 4, 5 and some days up to 12 days. Even as weather models have evolved, they are mathematical models with their limitations, derivatives, and imperfections. This new product represents a paradigm shift, allowing consumers to have answers to the constant change in weather, atmosphere and climate conditions.


WEZR tackles weather forecast reliability and accuracy through a combination of sensors, engineering, distributed network and cloud computing. WEZR reads the behaviors of the weather in your area by way of a small, innovative sensor. Observation data from your sensor is transferred to our data server when you are Bluetooth connected. Advanced algorithms analyze live data and combine it with current weather predictions to deliver updated forecasts that are displayed directly on your smartphone through a free WEZR application. The result, consumers are able to receive geolocated weather forecasts, continuously updated, to precise mile by mile, every 5 minutes.

“I’ve been sailing, windsurfing and kite surfing since I was 9 years old. So weather, wind and waves are a big part of my life. For 8 years, as professional kite boarder, I have been traveling the world and coming to new places every time. So for me it’s extremely important to take the right decision on those new places, to know when and where I can train. That’s why I trust in WEZR and think that together we can grow bigger and better,” stated Youri Zoon, two-time World Kite Boarding Freestyle Champion.


    Innovative hardware and patented software enables the industry’s most precise weather tracker – allowing you control of the weather, no matter where you are
    WEZR measures air pressure, air humidity, and temperature all through an innovative sensor
    WEZR sensor connects, via Bluetooth, to the WeZR application to give the user geo-located weather forecasts, precise mile by mile geo-located weather forecast every 5 minutes, continuously updated
    Compatible with Apple IOS and Android – syncs with WEZR over Bluetooth and uploads the data to a database that gives an accurate weather reading in your area.
    WEZR connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth low energy 4.0
    WEZR runs on a low-impact battery that can last for more than year.
    Simple, Fast & Efficient.

Pricing and Availability

WEZR has been in development for over two years. The project launched today on Kickstarter and will run for the next 40 days. With the help of many passionate individuals, this personal web device will be available in December 2015. On Kickstarter, WEZR will be available for as low as $ 79 for early bird pricing, MSRP for $ 99.

About the Company

Based in Paris France, WEZR is a team of extreme athletes, pilots and sailing enthusiast with engineering and design backgrounds. During our time in these fields, we would encounter unexpected weather changes daily, which accounted for lots of wasted time. It would have been extremely helpful to have an accurate view of geolocated weather evolutions for the next few hours and even minutes. We were inspired by the ability to use technology to accurately predict the weather for extreme athletes, pilots, sailors and everyday athletes. In addition, we were convinced that we could enhance this experience by incorporating our smartphones, which are always with us and help us stay connected. Our vision is to improve weather forecasts like never before.

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