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Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology

There’s an emerging technology that you can wear. Not to be behind the times, Ellen has come up with some of her own inventions.

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24 Responses to Wearable Technology

  • Join The Jacksons says:

    Great video lovely! You made some really great points 🙂 we must be on the
    same wave length cos I did a similar video the other day. It’s such a huge
    topic for parents to discuss these days so having people share their
    opinions/choices online is so incredibly helpful, I find 🙂 

  • IvyandRachel says:

    i must admit im so guilty of letting my toddler watch tv! but i feel like
    tv is okay if they get plenty of outside time. luckily for me my daughter
    isnt in to my phone or ipad etc she would rather go outside and pour out
    the dog food everywhere but i agree that there are benefits to apps for
    learning too everything in moderation

  • Rachel Marotta says:

    under 100 club anyone wanna be youtube friends

  • aamendt says:

    The statistics are mind blowing. Technology and early learners (birth-five)
    has been a huge part of my studies while getting my second degree in Early
    Childhood Education. Any sort of screen time is NOT recommended for
    children under the age of two. It is recommended for children over two, to
    limit that screen time to two hours or less. As a mom, I know moms need
    small breaks or some time to get things done, but I highly encourage you to
    give them simple, mess free activities they can do on their own, rather
    than turning on some sort of device.

  • Angela Galant says:

    I really think this is kind of bs. Those 2 year olds that are playing with
    iPads now will be developing mind blowing technology to change the world.
    I’m sure you resurched things that proved technology can be bad for you but
    did you research the benefits? Doubt it. I’m not a mother so I’m not gonna
    tell you how to parent but if it were me I would give my child an iPad not
    to use as a babysitter but to use for education but I guess that’s the
    difference between your generation and mine. 

  • decemberyt says:

    I don’t understand why it’s a bad thing when kids under 2 know how to work
    a SmartPhone or tablet. That doesn’t mean that their parents don’t play
    with them, do crafts with them, take them outside, read to them etc. That’s
    quite a judgemental assumption. All kids are different and learn at
    different rates. Just because a child under 2 can work a phone or tablet,
    does not mean that’s all they do all day. 

  • Melanie Hernandez says:

    My 1 year old learned how to work the ipad at 11 months just watching us
    use it! There’s an app where there’s a children’s lock on it and she knows
    how to deactivate it! I need to take my child out more!

  • Meebles Sporella says:


  • MickIsAMom says:

    I am so glad you did this video! This is something I have always been on
    the fence about! It’s hard sometimes to get stuff done, and I use the T.V.
    sometimes just to get things done. The struggle is real, and it’s nice to
    see I’m not the only one feeling so back and forth about this! 

  • hailandbaby says:

    I totally see what you mean about technology not being totally great. I
    think it’s very useful for when they get older but being a single mom I
    will put Bella down to relax and watch a 25 minute episode so that I can
    have some down time as well. She realizes it’s a treat and she honestly
    would rather be outside and doing things hands on so I think that’s really

  • cheylas45 says:

    I love technology but at the same time…I hate it.
    It’s not necessary at all. Everyone depends on it sooo much. People let
    technology raise their children. Glad you know that there should be actual
    physical learning, alone time, outside time without technology etc. Crazy
    world we live in today. 

  • MariandEmma says:

    Great video, definitely opened my eyes thank you. 

  • vanessa says:

    Nice vid

  • Islish Williams says:

    I work as a nanny and I totally get you!! Some days I’m left with a list to
    cook,clean sort and organise and it’s impossible with a toddler! 

  • SimplyDaniDoodle says:

    Its really great that you saw a problem and took action to fix it

  • glosslippedgirl 22 says:

    I love this video! 

  • kat c says:

    I loving her hair so much! Gorgeous <3

  • EmmaRoseandMommy says:

    I’m confused?! You keep saying I can’t believe moms let their kids do
    this… But then you do it?? I don’t get your stand on the topic. 

  • kendal36 says:

    200% agree. this is an important thing 2 talk about. kids need 2 be active
    as well

  • Jordyn Binford says:

    What’s the name of the flash card app you use?

  • Pastel Otaku says:

    i just dont agree with it at all, mean rarely i let my son watch it. i just
    dont like parents that do it all the time just to get their kids to be
    quite or to babysit them. god see you saw a problem going on and took an
    action to it

  • heat sann says:


  • 2011teenagemom says:
  • kat c says:

    I loving her hair so much! Gorgeous <3

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