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William Varick Nevins III Mathematics Award


Going to college is a great start when you are in financial need there are some scholarships that can help you along the way. When you are ready to search for scholarship make sure that you are eligible, because there are a lot of scholarships that you may not be eligible for. Sometimes you will be able to choose from a number of scholarships as you are searching through a website like the William Varick Nevins III Mathematics Award.


Are you eligible?

One of the questions that arise is the fact that you may not be eligible for certain scholarship. This is why you make sure that you get all of the information that you are looking for, because you will find millions of scholarships that you are not eligible for. There are a lot of scholarships that that require certain academic performances, for example you will see a scholarship that asks you for your GPA score or an SAT score these types of scholarships are basically known as academic scholarships and sometimes you will be able to apply for academic scholarship if your program meets their needs. Some other scholarships that are offered are usually offered to help students, criminal justice students, and so many others. This is why you should always check and make sure you are eligible before you apply for any type of scholarship and if you still have doubts about a certain scholarship you are interested in you will be able to get more information.


Contact details:

After you have selected a scholarship for your needs is time to contact a representative. Sometimes when looking at a scholarship page you can scroll to the bottom and see a link, this link will take you directly to the sponsors website so that you can get all of the contact information you need. When looking at the website make sure to go through every detail before you call a representative, because sometimes the questions you are trying to ask are right there on the website and you do not want to bother someone if you have all of the answers that you need. You will be able to look at everything from numbers to mailing addresses and this is where you will be able to contact someone if you have any questions. Be sure to always ask the questions that you need and do not hesitate to call back if you have problems.


Final thought:

Remember that there are scholarships out there to help each and every one of us and we should not abuse the system by just clicking on a scholarship that you do not need. There are sober scholarships that can help you academically and financially, so make sure that you search for those types of scholarships if you really need them. There are a lot of scholarships out there that can help users with anything that you need all you have to do is apply for them and sometimes you might not get them but you can always try the next one or try for the same scholarship the next year. On an important note always be sure to get all your information and everything that you need before the deadline or you will have to apply another time and there are some scholarships that are not offered every single year, so good luck and have a great college year.


Kristen Roberts has built a database of free scholarships and how to obtaining them. Many scholarships go unclaimed and companies are eager to give them away. These scholarships and many more can be found on Kristen’s blog.

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