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7 Speed Reading Creator eReflect Shows the Effect of Diverse Reading on Children In Latest Blog Post

New York City, NY (PRWEB) November 05, 2014

eReflect, the developer of the 7 Speed Reading™ program, reports that diverse reading is crucial for children’s brain development and cultural identification and belonging. In a recent post, eReflect contends that while many parents do a good job getting their children to like reading and learning, the literature available is not as wide and diverse as needed to allow for optimal growth.

eReflect believes that children’s books could be substantially more diverse in terms of heroes and stories being represented. Not every child can identify with American and European children. Other cultures, nations, and stories need to be told and represented by authors so that no matter a child’s cultural trajectory they can read books that speak directly to them, re-telling their experiences and sharing their woes.

Instead of the typical white middle-class boy, many students need a different type of hero they can identify with. eReflect suggests that more diverse children’s literature will not only allow marginalized and underrepresented children to experience the sense of belonging, it will also let children of all cultural backgrounds learn about different stories and cultures. This exposure to previously unknown cultures will increase their awareness and sensitivity toward anything that deviates from what they consider the norm, the developer of the best speed reading software reports.

From the need to belong to finding a personal identity, from feeling at home in a cultural group to appreciating diversity, children’s literature can be a great tool against cultural discrimination. eReflect, who offers a speed reading course through its software, 7 Speed Reading™ asserts that this is true, saying, “Diverse reading helps ensure that all voices are heard and that every child in the world can find in a book that mirrors their reality as well as a door to understanding and appreciating those different from their own.” It is imperative that children develop an understanding and respect towards the children and cultures of the world, and literature is the way to making it happen, eReflect concludes.


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