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Artificial Silk Trees

Artificial silk trees are the best way of bringing out the season’s thrill and give a new touch to the living space. All of these trees are the same, but how one uses, arranges and personalizes them is what makes them different. The big advantage of investing in them is that they last for many years without withering or shedding leaves. They will always remain in good condition if they are properly maintained. They also help reduce the space and make the place homely, warm and of good atmosphere.

The trees vary in shapes, styles and sizes. You can therefore find one that meets your house specification without eating up all the space or making it look weird. A well made artificial silk tree can last for over 10 or even 15 years. The way it’s maintained: how it is wiped of dust, how it is stored and its initial quality determines its longevity. Some are made of plastic while others are made of metal. Metal trees are able to withstand a lot of weight like decorations and lights without bedding or losing balance. They are however a little more expensive than the plastic ones. Those made of plastic last less and are too weak to sustain a lot of weight. If a plastic artificial tree is to be placed outside a building, it’s very likely that they would shrink and lose their shape due to the unbalanced heat conditions.

Artificial silk trees are easy to manage as they don’t need frequent weeding, watering or even trimming. They are also very pocket friendly as they do not cost much, are unique and easy to set up. They can be accessorized to meet different expectation that is suited for a particular theme setting. The trees can be used for several special occasions without discouraging. Due to their being portable, they are easy to arrange and place in different positions whenever the need arises. They can remain in the same good condition for several years and continue looking new.

Silk trees are also very common in the commercial market these days especially in business offices and other commercial buildings like the shopping centers. They add a natural feeling and beauty both at home and at the offices. After purchase, they are weighed on a wicker basket before they are delivered. Each basket weighs around 20lbs for floor plants and for the larger ones, around 70lbs. This gives them balance and stops them from falling over on the ground. They are therefore very much popular among interior designers and architects of today.

When buying artificial trees, always check the material they are made of. This is because some are made of materials that can catch fire easily and pose a health hazard to the people around. All trees have three main components; the trunk, base and the artificial branches/foliage. None of these parts should easily catch fire, wear of or tear, or have a short life. Frequent dusting with a clean cloth and wiping with a wet cloth continue to give them a lustrous look as though they are still new.

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