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Benefits of Link load Balancing Made Simple

Link Load Balancing looks at balancing out the critical resources on data networks with unpredictable requests issued to a server. It is also concerned with communications channels themselves to better distribute processing and communications demands more evenhandedly across the network so that no single a computer is beleaguered by the demand. The main purpose of link load balancing is to have a load-balancing failover between the two links at connection level. Some of the benefits of link load balancing include:

Increase in Reliability

Most networks and organizations prefer to implement link load balancing due to increased reliability. The failure of a network even for a few hours can cost an organization dearly in productivity and business. High uptime reliability can be achieved with link load balancing, and if a problem does occur and one of your providers does fail, switching from one provider to another is automated and immediate. In the event of a WAN link outage, link load balancing can redirect your network traffic to ensure continuous uptime for all parties that depends on your network and servers.

Cut down Costs

There are numerous reasons why an organization can cut down costs with link load balancing. The biggest advantage, however, is that link load balancing works with any type of broadband connection. All that is requited is a simple Ethernet handoff which establishes your WAN link. It is possible to keep non critical, economical broadband connections and more critical application on your more reliable connections, by being able to utilize various forms of inexpensive broadband connections.

Enhance Performance

By using link load balancers your organization can benefit with enhanced performance. The network can balance your incoming requests across your multiple WAN links, in most cases. This is can be achieved with an Active DNS module, that easily serves traffic between your broadband connections based on the best path available along with network metrics.

Manage Your Network’s Routing

Networking information routing can be easily managed with link load balancing. Most link load balancing solutions have software that offers advanced routing capabilities. Applications can be routed efficiently, when the organizations determine the critical and non critical applications. It is quite easy to split up your organizations network traffic by importance or application with link load balancing.

Link load balancing is the perfect technology for today’s organizations and can be implemented effectively with almost any network. It brings about an increase in reliability, a reduction in costs and added performance and management.


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