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Blues-Rock Guitarist Johnny Stachela Releases Debut EP “Walk Through Fire”

“Walk Through Fire,” the debut EP from Johnny Stachela, scorches its way through six searing tunes that combine virtuosic blues-rock musicianship with lyrical depth and clarity. It’s an exceptional musical brew: Dazzling melodies. Rich harmonies. Brutal honesty.


And it’s intoxicating.


Stachela’s artful lead guitar sizzles with stunning mathematical complexity. The album consistently drives and pushes the music to insightful, urgent lyrical places. Like its opening track “Hard Rain,” the album pelts and stings, but is ultimately battened by a thick, blues-tinged hope.


That’s no accident.


“All of the songs came out of difficult experiences that turned out to be a real growth period in my life,” explains front man Johnny Stachela. ‘Hard Rain’ is about broken relationships and ‘Dead Man Rising’ is about ending a difficult chapter and starting over again. I tend to write from a place of struggle.”


Stachela’s commitment to emotional integrity in his writing and playing is evident in every track, offering the listener a muscular aural ride.


He explains, “Music is the highest form of expression. Making this music is a way to let out the demons. You get to say things that I think everyone can relate to on a deeper level, but we don’t always get to express those feelings in our daily lives. My guitar can be an emotional wreck, but that’s a good thing for the music.”


Visceral and edgy, “Walk Through Fire” will linger in the listener’s memory. It’s unforgettable, emotional music-lightning. For Stachela, this is a by-product of his creative and technical process.


“I really just wanted to capture the raw emotion,” he says. “It’s a very personal record in the sense that I’ve lived every single note and every single word. It was recorded straight to tape with the intention of capturing the feeling and energy of a live performance.”


Which may be one of the reasons why the album’s bold exactitude feels revelatory, the mood, music and lyrics perfectly integrated to shape an unforgettable – and yes, magical – experience, leaving us surprised, strengthened, and inspired.


“The experience of losing a loved one, or a broken relationship, or even regrets about past behavior — those things can make us feel very fragile,” Stachela says. ‘Walk Through Fire’ is about facing your fears head on and getting strong again. Being alive is amazing and the deeper your gratitude becomes, the more you are able to understand and overcome the hardships.”


 “Walk Through Fire” is available on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, Spotify, and other digital outlets worldwide. For more information about the Johnny Stachela Band, visit






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