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Book Review: The Universal Physics Theory by benoit Launier

In the third edition of Benoit Launier’s controversial physics treatise, “The Universal Physics Theory”, the author takes aim at everything we believe to be true. Launier has never felt comfortable with the truths we hold to be self-evident, nor the textbooks said to be true.

Launier takes aim at any and every “truth” he deems necessary from Einstein’s theories to Newton’s laws and beyond. Everything is fair game. Having run countless of experiments over the last three decades, Launier’s postulations make for an exciting read.

Launier dares to ask important questions. Furthermore, he analyzes the answers in great detail, bringing to light many holes in the theories previously held dear. “Why has ‘The second principle, on which the special theory of relativity rests,’ been accepted so widely, even though it is completely irrational?” Launier asks. “Do electrons actually orbit the nucleus of atoms, as the Rutherford-Bohr structure of the atom suggests?” “Are there really 11 dimensions?” The list goes on and on, and the information Launier presents will shock you; it will cause you to question everything.

One of the great scientific quests of our time is developing a single theory that will unify all theories of physics. If we do not reach this pinnacle of discovery, our theories will “forever remain paradoxical as well as inaccurate.” By pealing back the layers of obscurity and confusion, through logic and commonsense, Launier unveils the universal physics theory which has always been present from the beginning. We have simply been blinded by idolism and our biased convictions.

Too many of our established physical theories leave trails of inconsistencies, paradoxes, and incongruities. “The Universal Physics Theory” discriminates between what is perceived and what is real.

To their own demise, some physicists may cry “out of order,” “simplistic,” or “this is not the way we do things”; but for the true thinker, this book is a fascinating read. Launier’s theories go a long way towards explaining the physical world in which each of us wakes up every morning. Agree or disagree, you will be provoked to question the validity of everything you were told “has already been proven…”

To learn more about this author, visit The Universal Physics Theory.

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