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Chemistry Books price in India

Good Books and good education plays a very important role in the child’s growth, in fact they work as foundation of their upcoming future. Parents and teachers should be very careful while guiding there child about their future profession, as one mistake in guidance can destroy their complete future. My mother always use to say “a child is like an small plant, if proper care is given, it might end up dying even before you know it”, and like I always say parents are always right.

While choosing a carrier for their child parents should be very careful, and should defiantly check what their kids want to do. As some time it just happens that parents end up choosing something completely different from what their kids want to do. Before deciding on something, they should definitely have a detailed conversation with their kids, and if they think one time is not enough they can have conversion on same topic on regular basis.

It’s good to know and understand what your kid want to become in future and one should defiantly support them, but the support given by parents and teachers should never be blind folded. As experts say that, at this age of making some important decisions some kids are not capable enough to make right decision and end up selecting something they don’t like. The reasons can be ‘n’ number like group pressure, or following trend (like there was a trend few years back of becoming an engineer and every second kid was opting for same , without giving a second though that if they seriously want to do it) or it can be something else.

The whole point is parents should tell their kids what is right and what is wrong for them. They should explain them the difference between a hobby and a carrier. These days there are many books available at stores who provide guidance on the same to parents. They might be a bit expensive at the local market store as most BOOKS PRICE IN INDIA is never in the reach of a normal middle class person, but if you will look for the same in some online store you might find it in lower rates.

These days books price in India is no less that gold, as recently I was checking out some Chemistry Books in local market, but after listening thechemistry books price in India I was shocked , because the same books was available on mush cheaper rate on online store than market and there were some nice offers to with it.


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