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David Brattston Discusses Traditional Christian Ethics


In Dr. David Brattston’s new book, “Traditional Christian Ethics, Volume Four: The Negative Commandments – Prohibitions,” he systematically compiles a comprehensive list of all writings that commented on Christian morals before A.D. 250.

With a mission to make early Christian literature better known, Dr. Brattston offers two exhaustive alphabetical lists in tabular form of affirmative commandments and prohibitions of Christian ethics before A.D. 250, as found in writers of that period.

“I have noted all negated deeds and attitudes forbidden to Christians in my book,” said Dr. Brattston. “For Christians who are unsure of the meaning of the Bible, my work can act as a guide.”

Dr. Brattston’s work draws from translations of Christian, pagan and Jewish writings while encompassing a meticulous list of his own research notes. He has used the lists to write almost three hundred articles and pamphlets of his own.

“My book is a reference work with an unlimited shelf life,” Dr. Brattston added. “I want my devoted readers to understand the value of tradition Christian ethics.”

Deciphering the words set forth by the Bible, readers need not subscribe to the views in previous volumes, but can use the lists independently of the approach and method set out in it.

“Traditional Christian Ethics, Volume Four: The Negative Commandments – Prohibitions”

By: David Brattston

Softcover retail price: $ 54.95

E-book retail price: $ 39.99

ISBN: 978-1-49080-205-3

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and WestBow Press online bookstores

About the author

Dr. David Brattston received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Manitoba, with a minor in religious studies followed by his Master of Library Science from University of Western Ontario. Finally, Dr. Brattston received his Bachelor of Laws, later Juris Doctor, from the University of Saskatchewan. Dr. Brattston’s articles on early and contemporary Christianity have been published worldwide. As a retired jurist, Brattston currently resides in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

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