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De Rossi Transfer Rumor Linked

When the Champions League quarter-final draw after having rivals Chelsea, Manchester United’s promotion situation, or even the entire season, all of a sudden become the favorite to win the great cause of optimism. There is no doubt that Football Shirt Sir Alex Ferguson’s team all men doubt the ability of third-line operations, and deep bench, from the Champions League, FA Cup and then the Premier League, Manchester United holds many lessons for the team and the depth on our bench does not allow them to “fish and eat it,” have both .
Of course, to reshape the triple crown of glory that year, Ferguson’s team must be further enhanced strength, especially in the weakest position in midfield, the Red Devils need a technical and organizational-based attacking midfielder, to the entire series from the team in front. Thus, from the British media, “Mirror,” the latest Premier League Shirts disclosure, the soul of Sir Alex Ferguson playing the Inter Sneijder idea, and its out of the 40 million pounds transfer fee, and up to 14 million pounds of weekly price. That is if Sneijder joined, then his salary will be in the squad than Vidic, Rio Ferdinand, who, second only to Wayne Rooney after the second paid.
“Yes, the Manchester United side for Sneijder showed a great interest, but we do not want to sell him, and Wesley Sneijder will be effective for many years in the Giuseppe Meazza.” Buy Manchester United’s Inter President Massimo Moratti has been the confirmed that, although the language is still that Sneijder was “not for sale.” But the intrigues of the transfer market has always been that if people are really the golden Manchester United 40 million pounds placed in front of Moratti, Inter Milan giants do not know yet whether it will say so. Moreover, the Nerazzurri are on hot pursuit of the Man U Kits Brazilian transfer market willing to claim, if successful, coupled with the squad, another “little kings” Kudiniao, I am afraid that Sneijder was not to become less important.
However, Ferguson also made full preparations. From the “Daily Mail” the message said Charlie Blackpool player – Adam options for Manchester United. Ferguson is willing to pay 8,000,000 for the transfer fee. Of course, the Belgian prodigy Hazzard, Lille this summer, executives said if they can receive a “super offer” would allow Hazzard leave. Hazzard’s new contract with Lille in 2015 due, Lille manager, Rudy Garcia admitted that if they had received an offer can not be rejected, Hazzard is still likely to be sold this Rooney shirt summer.In an interview with the Spanish “Marca” interview, Garcia said, “If we received a super offer this summer, he might leave. He will not go to another French club, but the ball might go to a foreign giants team. England or Spain? this child is worthy of any of these two giants in the effectiveness of the league. “” talksport “said Lille said this super offer around 2000. Now, Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham are in the front staring at the brilliant versatile, and La Liga Atletico Madrid are also interested in him.

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