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Deep Linking: The Important Aspect of SEO


Importance of Deep Linking

Google assesses each page of your website individually, and page rank is assigned to individual pages and not to the entire website. Very often, the most crucial information about your products or services will be present in the inner pages and by improving the ranking of your inner pages you can get the inner pages listed in the search results. This will drive direct traffic to the most important pages of your website and improve your overall conversion rates.

Websites that are built with Ajax or Adobe Flash often do not support deep linking. Many users have a difficult time getting from a homepage to a specific product page. By deep linking to a specific product, you can improve your website’s navigation and functionality. This practice allows visitors to go directly to the information they require.

In short, there are 5 major reasons why deep linking is important:

· Enhances user experience

· Improve site’s overall relevancy

· Increase ranking in SERPs

· Enhance your entire sites authority

· Improves your site’s overall visibility

Not only for search engines, deep linking also works for your readers and anchor text. Let’s have a look on these two areas where deep linking is must.

For your Readers:

Not all your readers are with from the very start. It’s an obvious truth for most of the blogs. So, for those who are new to your blog there has to be ways to find your old contents! There are numerous ways to do that. But regarding the contest of this article we will be talking about deep linking only. The more relevant deep links in your content the more likely that your old contents are getting exposed to your readers. 

Anchor Text:

Anchor and deep links are like twins, if one exits other ought to be. Anchor text is a set of words that are used to hyperlink a particular URL in order to create a deep link. A good way to select anchor text is by choosing the keywords you are getting.


Coming to the conclusion point I would like to say that YOU CAN’T IGNORE DEEP LINKING. If not instantly, with time, you will definitely reap the benefits of deep marketing.

If you are worrying about the strategies or the techniques to be used for better deep marking, then, please do not worry about that. I am not finishing here, just wait for a week, and I will come with some killer tips and tricks of deep marking that will definitely improve your SEO. Till then, keep reading and keep blogging.  Cheers!



inda Mentzer is a published author and senior marketing manager for an information management company that has helped sell thousands of software products on a global scale. With over 11 years of experience in electronic marketing techniques, Linda has authored articles for several leading business journals, worldwide.



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