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India's economy

India's economy
WHEN Narendra Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party won a thumping majority for its pro-growth promises in India's elections in May, hopes swelled that the new government would adopt economic reforms that had proved beyond the brittle coalitions of the past.
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“Most Accurate Economist” to deliver 2015 forecast at award ceremony
While many Americans were still pinching every penny and praying for a faster recovery from the Great Recession, John Lonski, chief capital markets economist of Moody's Analytics, understood what our country really faced in its uphill battle toward an …
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SundayReview|The Economics of Scotland's Choice
Indeed, separation from Britain would allow the Scottish government, which is generally more liberal on economic and public policies, to set its own course for a society closer to that of a Scandinavian country. But Scotland will face significant …
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