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Infinite Skills’ “Learning iPython Notebook Tutorial” Teaches Basics of Using Web-Based, Interactive Computational Environment

(PRWEB) November 13, 2014

Software training firm Infinite Skills Inc. last week released its “Learning iPython Notebook Tutorial,” a course designed for both new and experienced Python programmers to learn how to work with the web-based, interactive computational environment that allows users to combine executable code, text, mathematics, plots, and rich media into a single document for collaborative sharing.

iPython Notebook provides a browser-based language shell built on standard Python libraries including iPython, Tornado, jQuery, bootstrap, and MathJax. iPython Notebook provides a web-based interactive environment for creating an ordered list of input/output cells which can contain code, text, mathematics, plots, and rich media, and publish them as a JSON document.

Infinite Skills’ “Learning iPython Notebook Tutorial,” provides a three-step introduction to working with iPython Notebook, first covering basic Python programming, then using the example of writing code for data analytics, and then combining the two in a sample iPython Notebook project.

Learning iPython Notebook Tutorial – Streaming Video

Course author James Powell is a Python programmer based in New York. He is the managing partner of The Python Quants, a company that builds technical solutions in Python and iPython Notebook for financial companies. Powell also organizes or co-organizes a number of Python conferences, running the For Python Quants conference and the NYC Python conference PyGotham. He also runs NYC Python, the world’s largest and most active Python meet-up group.

The course begins with instructions for installing Python through Anaconda and a basic tour of iPython Notebook.

Powell then covers some basic Python programming, guiding users through a sample project of creating a password generator.

In the next project, students will create a visualization for stock ticker data, learning to use specialized cells, comparison operations, data frames, and more.

And finally the course demonstrates how to consolidate code and other information into iPython Notebook for notation and collaboration.

“The purpose of this course,” Powell says, “is to learn to use Python with iPython Notebook. Though we will look at some basic Python programming and touch on some advanced topics, we won’t go in-depth with these topics, but use them to demonstrate how to begin working with iPython Notebook.”

Free demo videos and a full list of course contents can be found on the “Learning iPython Notebook Tutorial” training page of the Infinite Skills website:

Infinite Skills offers its “Learning iPython Notebook Tutorial” as a direct download from the company website at a retail price of $ 99.95, or as part of its subscription streaming service available at a rate of $ 25 per month. Though the compatibility of programs varies, all Infinite Skills titles and formats are compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems, and shipping is available around the globe. Additionally, Infinite Skills tutorials are supported by project files which correspond to examples in the videos.

About Infinite Skills Inc.

A leader in the field of software training, Infinite Skills designs its courses on a task-oriented model, teaching complex skills by providing hands-on examples and guiding users as they carry out essential functions. Infinite Skills offers a wide range of software titles available as DVDs, digital downloads, and in iPad editions. Infinite Skills now offers a subscription service, providing access to all its training content for a monthly fee, keeping with company’s aim of delivering professional training to customers anywhere they want to learn.

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