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Islam and Mathematics

The 7th to the 13th century was the golden age of Muslim learning. In mathematics they contributed and invented the present arithmetical decimal system and t…

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  • YeOldMiner says:

    Greeks didn’t invent everything I guess it was mainly arab,Berber and
    Persian Mathematicians 

  • alan gillian jr says:

    chem=KEM…as in KEMET….how are you going to claim something that already
    existed???btw…KEM=BLACK,IN THE MEDU NETER…….

  • Ohmz27 says:

    @Saintpine Sorry if i seemed a bit rude, but all i was saying is that, this
    is just a video about the history of maths, any extra strings attached are
    just there cause you put them there. I understand perfectly well that
    countless nations and civilisations have contributed to form the maths we
    use today. And this is just a video of the contribution that Islamic
    civilizations made to maths.

  • Chris Daley says:

    Algebra is a proof system. More like a vehicle for mathematical
    interpretation than a part of maths itself. As such, it is invented unlike
    natural science which is postulated. Also, I don’t think the Greeks have
    made an advance in mathematics in a while either. I guess we should
    discredit them too.

  • maood says:

    All scientist you are mentioning in this video are persians. Why you are
    insisting on mentioning their religion. They may were muslim by force or by
    birth but they were Persians to begin with. If an American Jue or muslim
    make a significant scientific discovery do you Jue or muslim or American?
    So be more fair when you are talking about history of science. When Arab’s
    came out of deserts of Arabia they did not have anything. They learned
    everything from Persians and Romans.

  • MlSHKlN says:

    lol @ these retards argueing over who was better at math math doesnt tell
    us how powerful persians or indians are or were persians & indians told us
    how powerful math is, its not worth argueing over, its just a few bright
    people that were lucky enough to have the time to develop their theories

  • saintpine says:

    @RealRapAndHiphp “first of all al gebra was found by al khwarizmi and it is
    facts are al gebra and al gerthm both found by al khwarizmi are both arabic
    words” page 2. No sweetheart, he studied these things from others and
    simply gave his contributions, the basics of what was AFTERWARDS called
    algebra was already used hundreds of years before, khwarizmi is only a
    brick in the wall, a good brick in the wall over 1000 years ago, but a
    small brick in the algebra wall today. continue.. to 3.

  • saintpine says:

    Why the Arab and Islamic civilization is superior to the Western World

  • saintpine says:

    @cyberscriptor “it’s already ridiculous to present an opinion, whatever its
    truth, as a fact,” Even the wheel itself has made incredible advanced that
    the original inventor really shouldn’t be worshiped as a genius. How can
    you compare amateur findings and backyard research without serious
    confrontation, with billions of dollars in investments and the world’s best
    researchers, universities and industries? Knowledge evolves, 1% creeping
    for thousands of years and 99% has exploded recently.

  • Danish Danial says:

    Are you sure that is a reliable source? The name speaks for itself.

  • Billy Bob Bunton says:

    @saintpine I’m with you. Darwin’s theory apperead to be the theory we now
    consider bullet proof. It still is. There is some planets which could offer
    life of our kind of lifeform. To public it’s a secret for now.

  • Billy Bob Bunton says:

    How many muslim scholars have done any mathematical invention? none

  • la-conformist says:

    Al-Khawarizmi didn’t invent Algebra. It was Al-Jaber bin Hayyan the student
    of the great scholar As-Sadiq bin Mohammad (as). AlJaber=AlGebra, get it?

  • Ohmz27 says:

    @debonaire305 Most ppl who hate algebra suck at it, and it was Bush that
    sent you to Iraq, Muslims had nothing to do with it. Theres absolutely
    nothing Islamic about killing 3000 innocent people, and the Quran tells
    Muslims to not start conflicts – i can provide quotes if you want them…
    And anyway, Iraq didn’t do anything to America, Bush simply wanted to
    invade it and used 9/11 as an excuse.

  • alan gillian jr says:

    where’s your brain???

  • Tater Gumfries says:

    This is a little deceptive. When you say they were the first to develop
    trigonometry, you certainly mean “took some trigonometry already known and
    add to it”. And Chinese and Indian mathematicians also knew the binomial
    theorem. Many of the chemicals supposedly “discovered” by Muslims were
    already known. Don’t want to take away from what old time Muslims were able
    to do… just want accuracy. No question there was a golden age of Islamic
    science, Like to see that come back again.

  • Deepak Sharma says:

    Iranians had a great contribution. Google “Academy of Gondishapur” which
    invited Indian scholars to learn from them From wikipedia Anushiravan also
    turned towards the east, and sent the physician Borzouye to invite Indian &
    Chinese scholars to Gondeshapur. These visitors translated Indian texts on
    astronomy, astrology, mathematics & medicine and Chinese texts on herbal
    medicine & religion. Borzouye is said to have himself translated the
    Pañcatantra from Sanskrit into Persian as Kalila u Dimana.

  • RealRapAndHiphp says:

    @saintpine what are you talking about? go open a book and read and stop
    talking nonsesne there is nothing as such thing as greek al gerbra al
    gerbra was invented by muslim thats why it has an arab name you are
    confusing between al gabra and al gerthem 2 things that are made by a
    muslim and ancient greek mathematics al gerbra and al gerthem are 2 of the
    most important things that were ever found if you cant admit that then i
    dont even need to talk to you because you obviously has no idea what

  • saintpine says:

    @cyberscriptor Turn it around however you like, use whatever words you
    prefer, I’ve been far to generous with the 1%. To ask such a question is
    clear you haven’t a faintest idea of whats around you. Spain alone produces
    EVERY year more new titles than the whole of the Islamic world in history
    put together. Nearly all know how and tecnology used by Muslims are
    invented, designed, produced and installed by non Muslims. If this number
    bothers you, try and find figures that say otherwise.

  • Chez Piece says:

    Allah Akbar!!!

  • RealRapAndHiphp says:

    @saintpine if not al khwarizmi al gabra and al gerthem wouldnt exist and
    therefor your pc your using wright now wouldnt exist either

  • Chris Daley says:

    Well if Jews want to, why shouldn’t they? They’re not hurting anyone by
    saying “we helped invent the modern number system”. I feel as if an
    inherent spite of Islam is causing you to judge Muslims harsher than you

  • Manuel Dessing says:

    Oh great, the Youtube Religious War™ has started again.

  • M-Power Addict says:

    ALL LIES, islam mathematicans were nothing until the HINDU mathematicans
    found a numeral system

  • Billy Bob Bunton says:

    I know that verse. Quran 21:11… “seek knowledge, travel the world,
    establish top schools to learn and to teach methods of learning” I guess he
    missed that!

  • Diabelic Angel says:

    really clear sounds, great tune to dance to!!! 🙂

  • MrCornyfree says:

    sooooo gut(very nice)

  • IamHarZoiD says:

    Great song!

  • Rafal Rapa says:

    That is really awsome track ..

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