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Islamic Economics – The Solution for World Crisis – 1 of 2

Father of Islamic Banking, Dr. Hussain Hamed Hassan at Dubai International Peace Convention 2010.

25 Responses to Islamic Economics – The Solution for World Crisis – 1 of 2

  • Benny Casa says:

    I couldn’t listen to all his speech; poor and lack of arguments. Better to
    listen to some westernan specialists in this matter; they are more clear,
    concise and practical

  • mohammed alsudani says:
  • Rifa Atrous says:

    Islamic Economics – The Solution for World Crisis – 1 of 2

  • Syed Shamiun says:

    We don’t know his intention so we can’t say that

  • Azamspazam91 says:

    @DrEvilVader I remember reading the meaning of Surah Maryam and found it
    very beautiful. Christianity and Islam are very similar in regards to
    Maryam and Isa, or Mary and Jesus. I’d recommend reading it when you get a

  • WildMeemz says:

    JazakAllah khair for that observation. That does say a lot.

  • ezcape08 says:

    Capitalism must be destroyed

  • Farhan Erooth says:

    its called islamic bank because it follow the ruling of Islamic Law or
    Islamic Shariah……you can call it Interest free Bank or Alternative Bank
    or any name you wish to call…..

  • Hossam Ghaly says:

    لعن الله من يسئ اليك استاذنا الجليل

  • mirzaqbaig says:


  • mosinaji says:

    Capitalism is getting its claws, its true face. Earlier, the capitalist
    countries, the West, had the world in his hands, and earned explored what
    they wanted, the rich capitalists who were 1%, were left with half of
    profits, the other half was left for 99% of the population and expenditure
    of the entire state. now exploring the world and is less because new
    countries have emerged with industrial and commercial powers, china,
    brazil, india …

  • WildMeemz says:

    On what bases is it haram? And how does it support the present system? From
    your point of view, what is the alternative/correct financial system?

  • Shadi Hamad says:

    Every single sentence in our Shariha is miracle.

  • karim says:

    ــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــpleas translat to arabic pleas

  • Farhan Erooth says:

    its said that paper money should not be considered as commodity and
    traded….The paper money should be only used for what purpose it was
    created….a medium of exchange, a store of value, measurement of value

  • Ivan Kutle says:

    Very good lecture… Thought me how to look from another point of view.
    Although I am Christian, I find this much better then our way of thinking.
    Thanks uploader

  • ezcape08 says:

    I believe Islamic economics is the solution. But i am suspicious of so
    called Islamic Banks

  • mirzaqbaig says:

    Rightly said.

  • Lequimish says:

    I slightly disagree with you statement.Under Islamic banking prohibition of
    Riba, Excessive Speculation & Gambling is the basic fundamental without
    which no financial institution can claim itself to be Islamic. And these
    three fundamentals are abided by all the Islamic financial instituion which
    leads them towards Sharia compliance and hence helping us to avoid the road
    towards Riba. Replacing paper money with Dinar wont be possible under
    current scenario but we can avoid direct Riba.

  • james aitken says:


  • Zaigham Majeed says:

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  • Ahmad Qotob says:


  • Witness :| says:

    for people who talk shit about islam you’re talking about it like you know
    everything ! have you read about islam ?! if you did , Im sure one hundred
    percent you judge by watching some muslims doing werid things . muslims do
    mistakes ! we’re humans ! when you judge on religion dont judge on people
    espouse that religion ! judge on the religion itslef!! You have to open
    your mind people ! a little !

  • Farhan Erooth says:

    who told its the king of saudi arabia….its ruler of UAE

  • Yusmarizal Latif says:


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