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Mathematics manifests itself in everyday life

Mathematics manifests itself in everyday life
Mathematics manifests itself in everyday life, from simple counting to complex research, philosophy and human thought process, opined speakers at the Dhaka (north) regional Olympiad competition yesterday. The event was organised as part of the 6th …
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Syria's victims of the mathematics of global aid
What is wrong with us? While people and governments give generously to appeals for the victims of earthquakes and disease, they balk when it comes to those fleeing conflict. Britain's Disasters Emergency Committee has raised as much in one month for …
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Government plans 'GANIT' celebrations to enhance mathematical skills
The celebrations, starting December 16, would seek to infuse a spirit of innovation and aptitude towards the subject. The government move comes against the backdrop of studies highlighting poor learning outcome in classes especially in mathematics.
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Mathematics and Aids – Easiest Learning Trick
They are derived from mathematics topics which usually pose difficulties to pupils. The author uses simple events to explain the concepts by employing the AIDS scenario. In this way, readers enjoy the story and at the same time learn about HIV/ AIDS.

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