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Minnesota Company Introduces Heated Seating for Hockey RinksFeatures FeelsWarm

Lakeville, Minn. (PRWEB) December 04, 2014

Minnesota-based Arena Comfort Products, LLC (ACP) unveiled its new system to implement heated seats/benches for ice rinks. The firm has secured the rights of FeelsWarm® heating technology to install ultra-thin heating pads in ice arenas across North America.

Originally designed for stone counter tops, FeelsWarm low voltage ultra-thin heating pads gently raise the temperature of the seats to 105-110 degrees, approximately 60 degrees above the typical temperature in an indoor rink. Arena Comfort Products’ system specifically addresses a common issue with many rinks across the country of fans and parents of all ages suffering through the cold while watching skaters in hockey and figure skating.

ACP’s heating system integrates with any type of seat type including aluminum, wood, recycled plastic, and steel. Its low voltage heating approach provides a safe system and compliance with regulations.

One of the unique features of the heating system addresses the typical situation that city-owned rinks deal with on a daily basis: lack of funds for building improvements. The company solves this issue by offering to install the heated seating in rinks at no charge. Furthermore, the company has developed a vending system that permits fans to purchase heated seating for a few dollars per hour and the rink will receive a share of the profits of the “pay-per-use” system.

“It is a win-win situation for everyone involved,” states Steve Bloom, owner of Arena Comfort Products. “We have already received high interest from rinks in the Minneapolis area desiring to participate in this program. The rinks don’t have to spend any money and they also receive funds back from the system. Plus the fans have an improved experience watching the game or practice.”

Through extensive crowd-funding efforts taking place in December of 2014, ACP hopes to raise enough money to install heated seating sections in 250 arenas around the country.

The “Heat Your Seat” crowd-funding campaign began December 1, 2014 and will end January 10, 2015. Every dollar donated reflects one vote for the donor’s choice of their preferred rink to be chosen as an early participant for this attractive upgrade.

Hockey parents, players, organizations and fans are being asked to spread the word across social media platforms to campaign for their local rink. A contributor can submit up to 100 votes for his or her desired rink, donating $ 1.00 per vote to the ACP “Heat Your Seat” campaign.

To contribute to this effort, visit http://igg.me/at/heat-your-seat or visit http://www.indiegogo.com and search “Heated Seating for Hockey Rinks”.

About Arena Comfort Products

Arena Comfort Products (ACP) is a sales and marketing company that has exclusive rights to market FeelsWarm® ultra-thin, low-voltage heating pads into the ice arena industry. The heating pads are 24 volt DC and have automatic and redundant overheating protection for safety. In addition, ACP has developed a complimentary technology for the heating pads to operate in a pay-per-use system, allowing hockey fans to receive heated seating for prepaid blocks of time. For more information, go to http://www.arenacomfortproducts.com.

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