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Particle Physics Foundations of Dark Matter-Dark Energy-and Inflatio Resubida

Particle Physics Foundations of Dark Matter-Dark Energy-and Inflatio Resubida

Particle Physics Foundations of Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and Inflation (1/3) © CERN Kolb, Edward (Rocky) (speaker) (University of Chicago) CERN. Geneva Acad…
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25 Responses to Particle Physics Foundations of Dark Matter-Dark Energy-and Inflatio Resubida

  • Lawrence Shuda says:


  • Marlxxx says:

    using it in my class

  • ivanhoe4mag says:

    cern 6 6 6 :))

  • dhanashree chavan says:


  • fractalnomics says:

    07:38 Talk to a climate scientist’s, they’re the ones that use models. The
    models used in economics (financial markets /credit crisis causing) were
    developed by old Cold war physicists looking for new projects. Basic
    economics models would explain why the theatre is more than half empty,
    demand. The supply is great, great lecture.

  • jm seven says:

    Exactly you wrapped it up very early. Every action has an opposite
    reaction. So if everything outside of dark matter is either a positive
    action or a negative reaction. Then dark matter is the opposite of either
    force. That can only leave dark matter to be the yet to be created positive
    and negative charges. Which leaves dark matter linked to the big bang. The
    big bang is an explosion set off by a single positive charge. Leaving dark
    matter to be an implosion. So the big bang was set off by the creator who
    is good and creates life. Dark matter is evil an implosion brining the big
    bang together so tight to nothing. Now you get God-Devil. So indeed dark
    matter is an reaction that causes death of all.

  • dhanashree chavan says:

    amazing video

  • Diverse VE says:

    I like this presentation. Very interesting.

  • Jay says:

    Lecture is fine. But I HATE HATE HATE the smart guys that recorded the
    video showing benches and doors and all other irrelevent things and.. Why
    cant they show less of walls and chairs and more of slides? Best way to
    make a video is to have the professor at a corner and slides in the major
    part of the video. the recordidng of it is sooo bad that it bored me mid
    way through and I stopped watching it

  • uturniaphobic says:

    X space does not like Y space

  • Amadeo Prieto says:


  • Raymond K Petry says:

    How about nano-black-holes having as much gravitational mass attraction as
    a proton has electrostatic attraction to an electron, 3.8 Gton, which would
    mean such a nano-black-hole attaches (‘swallows’) an already-heavy proton
    and then captures an electron and ‘hides’ in plain sight, or sinks in
    plain-sight, passing through Earth masses and suns but not through denser
    stars…speaking of which, Can they determine the amount of “dark matter”
    already swallowed by our Milky Way central black hole…and is there a
    clean zone around that…?

    (My theory-favorite of-course is the neutral-electron a

  • Ahmet Pesyani says:


  • O sam says:
  • TheCaptainLulz says:

    48:41 – this man is an ATHEIST! the passion he invokes in condemning
    miracles is inspiring!

  • fredbett says:

    We can search for ever DM/DE but won’t find it cause it does not exist, is
    another dream built by theoretical physics same like “the big-bang matter
    comes from nothing” 

  • shoukth shoukth ali says:
  • fredbett says:

    The best way to explain DM/DE is with Modified Newtonian Dynamics

  • luis reyes says:

    I wanted a joke about black holes !

  • Devyn Lewis says:

    ☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
    /▌ all over youtube
    / so he can take over
    and return the old comment section

  • Seamless Robe says:

    “All the forces of nature are formed by E2 a locational spherical inward
    absorption density 4pi + and -outward emission density 2pi of
    electromagnetic waves, forming antimatter matter annihilation, forming +
    and -electric charge and EM-fields, or resonance and interference now as
    time unfolds from an individual 3D centred ref-frame. E2 inward spherical
    wave’s compress + and -outward wave’s now expand from Planck’s constant the
    shortest unit of measurable time radiating C2 from an object.”

  • Devo Davis says:

    I’m happier listening and learning (or trying to) than shouting my
    ‘intuitive’ ideas into others’ ears. Intuition and common sense are enemies
    today if you want to learn or teach. One mouth, two ears for a reason,
    folks I can proudly proclaim that I find science interesting and
    magnificently incomprehensible Unlike some here, I claim no answers; but
    some of y’all need to stop your swinging at the moon with a tennis racket.
    We are still children, all of us. to the mystery that is ‘reality’..

  • pseudorandomly says:

    “The gravity of a star works AGAINST it’s escaping light.” Yes. This
    reduces the light’s energy, which is a red shift. At a black hole, the
    light expends *all* of its energy and cannot escape. If gravity was the
    cause of redshifts, the redshifts would never change, and there could be no
    measured *acceleration* (which means redshift increasing with time).
    Additionally, measurements of time dilation accord with special relativity,
    which means the objects *really are* moving away.

  • mythnow says:

    NEATO completeo!…but, i need some help understanding… like a step
    ladder from the easy to understand PBS programs and this academic guy.. hmm

  • acquiesce022 says:

    Hmm, you’re hinting at M-Theory. The idea is analogous to each universe
    being fundamentally like a “membrane” of a specific property of energy much
    like a specific EM carrier wave. There’s no reason that if any 2 universes
    were to “overlap” and have points where their particular frequencies were
    close enough that something like constructive interference would account
    for particle or alternate energy formation occurring.

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