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Physical Therapist Career

A career as a private practice physical therapist can be quite lucrative given the right marketing strategies applied to your practice. As a professional trained in the science and art of healing, it is not surprising to know that most therapists focus solely on the healing aspect of their practice and neglect the crucial component of a successful career – its marketing and promotion. Therefore, along with honing your healing skills, you must develop the art of marketing what you have to offer to the general public so that your scientific skills do not go to waste.

Facing a near-empty clinic when starting your practice can be quite daunting, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. The therapist with a good set of skills can easily impress new patients to try him out or come back after effective treatments. From this point on, word-of-mouth advertising is key. This type of marketing is free and proven to be the most effective way to entice new patients in since another patient’s success story immediately translates to potential patients’ success stories as well.

The best word-of-mouth advertising comes from happy patients. There are therapists who have excellent clinical skills, but are terrible at dealing with patients, which is a major turnoff to most people, thus discouraging repeat visits and recommendations to people they know. A good bedside manner requires you to be pleasant, despite having a bad day, to be professionally concerned with whatever problems your patient is presenting to you, and to be appropriately considerate of your patient’s clinical and emotional condition during his visits.

Patients look to you to provide them with relief from their aches and pains, but there are also some patients who unburden their souls during treatment. It can be a great relief to them emotionally when you are able to just listen to them. This ultimately speeds up their physical healing adding to the overall positive visit to your clinic.

Also, a therapist sensitive to the quirks of certain patients and can accommodate their needs is sure to be a therapist in demand. For example, a perennially cranky and complaining old widow with all the aches and pains that come with aging, who you can soothe not just through your therapy, but also in words and humour is sure to appreciate her sessions with you.

You can also network with other career professionals, like doctors, lawyers and even receptionists, who tend to come in contact with a lot of people and can recommend your services to them. Usually this involves nothing more than just your being friendly and open when you go to them for your visit. You’d be surprised at how many referrals you can get from one person alone once you have earned their trust. Also other professionals will want to repay your patronage of their services by referring their own patients, family or friends to you in return.

Then try to get involved in community gatherings. Offer to speak for free at the event just for the chance for you to get introduced to your community. This is equivalent to free publicity for your practice and helps to establish you as the expert they can turn to.

Starting a career as a physical therapist can be intimidating, but following the above suggestions can definitely build up your confidence as well as your patient load.

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