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Possibilities, Energy, Chemistry

by oskay

Possibilities, Energy, Chemistry
Most of us are floating on a sea of possibilities, adrift without a rudder to provide direction. This is about gaining direction and the forces that can get in the way. I am sort of an everyman, who has had some rudderless experiences, have studies energy (Quantum mechanics), know something of body chemistry, have an active mind and have the advantage of an educated non-doctor perspective. After two rewarding careers I again find myself in this vast sea of possibilities, someplace I have been before. This is not an unusual story, this is however an easy, doable version.

Our lives are what we expect them to be. Deep in your heart, mind, your sole, you are your expectations and your beliefs. In his work, Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, Depak Chopra tells of a study where a group of elderly individuals were removed from their various today/normal living environments and placed in an environment where they were exposed, 24 hours a day seven days a week to everything from the time of their lives when they were 30 plus years old. After being in this younger environment for a few weeks, age-related maladies started to go away and they started to De-age. All of these elderly people started to re-experience the beliefs, thoughts (energy) and the resulting body chemistry from their past, when they lived younger lives. Their expectations have changed. What is your environment and its influences doing for or to you? Should you make some empowering changes?

Large Outside Influences
What are their expectations and thoughts of your life and the way you should live it? Keeping with the age thing (there are many other areas where this works), we are expected to behave in certain ways and to have age related maladies. What are your expectations and thoughts of you and what do you do that is not expected of you? Are you the master of your life, are you the way you want to be or are you just living up to societies expectations?
Your influences

Everything, including thoughts, have or are energy, this statement is accepted and is proven by Quantum Physics. If you develop empowered thoughts you can go for and attract what you really want in your life. One thing you may want is success and when we get rid of societies definitions of success, success becomes much more difficult to define, more rewarding, more real and more meaningful. Real personally defined success has an empowering, rewarding energy that creates feel good chemicals. To take this further, our bodies convert everything and every thought into chemicals that make us react or be certain specific ways. One excellent example of this is when you are very tired, barely able to stay awake and something startles or frightens you, you are instantly awake and alert (body chemistry), your feeling of your success chemicals, memory chemicals, sad chemicals, blood pressure chemicals, motivated – chemicals and just fill in what you want. Thoughts are the most important part of body chemistry production, both positive and negative.

Back to the sea of possibilities
Any of the possibilities in this vast sea can be yours, if you develop the chemicals (true feelings) to match what you want. People who are not doing what they want produce different chemicals than those who are doing what they want. People who are working at a job mainly for medical insurance and dont like their jobs could be making chemicals that can make them sick (they will truly need their medical insurance), because they are living in unhealthy energy (thoughts). People who believe and feel that they cant have what they want are correct, because they will produce the chemicals that will stop them from getting what they want. Thoughts and the resulting chemicals are the rudders that will steer you to or away from the possibilities you want. Are you in charge of your rudder or are they?

Learning to think empowered thoughts is learnable, doable (to start see Depak Chopra and Wayne Dyer) and achieving your possibilities can be yours. Some may want you right where you are and would like to control the sea of possibilities. Know that anything is possible, believe, know in your heart this is true and very important, have a steady diet (constant positive, empowering) of input that will cause positive thoughts, beliefs and chemicals. There are many helpful, empowering tools available, this is a great time for us to go for our possibilities and to think of possibilities, not limitations. What will my next career be? 4/20/2011 RSBBrown

Teacher, counselor, behavior specialist, rehab. services coordinator for people with traumatic brain injuries other stuff: ranch hand, farm hand, heavy construction worker, bar tender, soldier (Vietnam), mechanic and more. Who I am is a work in progress for more http://www.livingthewellness.com/ or http://www.greattimeflash.blogspot.com/ or http://www.thespiritualbabyboomer.com/

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