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Q&A with Arizona's Miller

Q&A with Arizona's Miller
CBSSports.com: You win 33 games last year and it looked from the outside that your team had the best chemistry of any you've team had since you've been at Arizona. When you look ahead to this year's team, what will be the main attribute that will make …
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Princeton Resident Receives National Chemistry Award
David Case, a Princeton resident who is a professor of chemistry at Rutgers University, has been chosen to receive the American Chemical Society's 2015 award for computers in chemical and pharmaceutical research. He will receive the national honor at …
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Tyson Chandler fires back at Knicks over chemistry comments
On Friday, Mavericks center Tyson Chandler fired back at allegations from the Knicks over the summer that the veteran was a chemistry problem for the Knicks last year in an interview with ESPN Dallas, an allegation not unlike saying the Hindenburg had …
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